Honestly, how many beers can you drink before you get drunk?

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    not the administrator

    about 10 years ago when i was all jacked up on meth we would drink beer for days. me and 3 guys did a keg in a little under 2 days

  • sonnyboy
    I agree with you on the Heini; there are some beers that just taste skunky when they are not icy cold ...

    I honestly think that the skunkiness has to do with what the little buggers have been through.

    I've only noticed this with imports. Not ALL the time with ALL imports, but from time to time. Maybe they often sit around in warehouses while waiting to be exported and get hot and skunky or something. I've never had a skunky domestic (US) beer.

  • PaulJ

    Stella Artois. Its like angels are pissing on your tonsils!! I can drink about 6/7 then im pretty trolleyed. After about 4 im merry, so as a general rule i dont go above that.

    Beer doesnt bother me at all, and i dont get a hang over. If i drink summat a bit more 'exotic' tho (Vodka, Bacardi) im hammered very quickly!

  • sonnyboy
    Its like angels are pissing on your tonsils!!

    Thanks for the imagery! I guess that would be better than some old wino pissing on your tonsils.

    Never heard of Stella. Is that a British beer?

  • LouBelle

    Our local beer is very strong, especially black label - I have one of those and I'm finished - I can't really hold my beer - I'm a "jack" girl

  • JH
  • shera

    If I were to have 4 beer to my 4 smirnoff ice,I would be drunk and feel ick...beer just doesnt agree with me.

    Also,beer in cans is nasty! ?

  • JH

    Rat, just opened his first bottle of the day..

    Hey, I getting used to having a beer in early afternoon. Not bad especially on a hot day like today

  • drwtsn32

    Depends on how fast I drink them!

  • ballistic
    Make believe it's Budlight

    All this swearing and profanity on this thread! I didn't realise it was allowed!

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