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  • sonnyboy

    I'm not a kitty person, but I have a horrible doggy story.

    When I first got my dog, he didn't like to be left alone in the house. Every time we came home he'd have something else torn to bits (luckily he's outgrown this stage).

    One day we came home and saw blue paw prints all over the kitchen floor. My first reaction was, "Oh sh!t! How much is this going to cost me?" I then called for Scruff, and he happily bounced into the kitchen with a big smile on his mug.

    Yep, his mouth, paws, and legs were all covered in blue ink. I didn't even want to know where the pen was located, but I looked for it anyway.

    I strolled into the living room and saw it lying there, in a smug, bent-up position, right in the middle of the carpet. I had no idea that one little pen could produce that much ink! There was an area about 2 ft. in diameter that was nicely stained.

    Luckily it was concentrated in one spot so an area rug covered it well. Scruff, on the other hand, remained blue for two weeks. I finally had to break down and shave it off.

    I've since designated one specific drawer in my home for all ink pens.

  • LouBelle

    I have a few bad kitty stories. More recently though my Belle has the habit of tearing any paper into tiny tiny bits. I've left paper lying around only to come home to a myriad tiny pieces lying every where and then she flops down in the middle of it all and looks all cute & cuddly.

    She also has the habit of digging the sand out of the pot plants !!!!!!!!!!. hmmm very bad

  • Gretchen956

    My cat many years ago used to catch birds and mice, eat most of them, and then come lay her treasures at our doorstep to show us she was doing her job. Many an unsuspecting morning I would step out the door on my way to work and go "crunch" on little bones. Now this was early 80s sometime and just after the movie The Godfather came out. One day during the day my then husband was sleeping, she jumped into the house through an open window with her treasure and laid the head of a bird on the pillow next to him. When he opened his eyes it was the first thing he saw. Since he had just seen the movie a couple days before that it made him a bit jumpy!


  • Satanus


    one of our dogs brought us - in 1 day - 14 rabbits ..... laying them at the front door....

    Sounds like rabbit stew.


    I had to tease it out by pulling its tail, it took hours,

    Oooh, the fun that must have been. Bet your cat was proud of you.


  • orangefatcat

    My Puddy tats were never BAD KITTIES< they were just "juvinelle deliquents."

    Yep there wasn't a day that would go buy that we didn't have some trama with the kats.

    Fluff and Puff (i know real orginal names), were a pair. Puff was outdoor kat and Fluff was indoor cat, he preferred it that way on account of Puff going out everyday and bringing back treats for Fluff, like this one day I hear this intense meowing outside my bedroom window, Puff had a steak in her mouth, she was hollowing for her brother to come to the window and claim his meal, no kidding folks that is right, I would open the window and Fluff would get his treat and bring it in to eat and his sister wouldn't leave until he ate it. This went on day in day out,

    She would bring him hotdogs, steaks, fish, mice, birds and the same ritual went on all the time. We just couldn't figure out where Puff was getting all this food from. Then we remembered across the back field was the grocery store and in the rear of the parking lot was a bin and we think she must have climbed into that bin everyday and she would come home to the bedroom window and do the same ritual again. If Fluff didn't eat up the food then she would eat the rest but not until Puff had his fill.

    My other gorgeous orangefatcat called pumpkin, he was so adept at opening doors. When I would close the bedroom door he would jump on the handle until it would release and he would jump on top of me meowing and meowing to get up. Of course that was all the tricks he had up his paws, he loved flushing the toilet. I would close that bathroom door and he'd open it and play with the flusher several times. He brought out toilet paper, socks, and underwear and plant them in front of me . he was adorable but a terrorist never the less.

    Spider was another one of my kats and he would come on my neck and suck it, gee I thought maybe he was a vampire in another life.

    Awe Bandit was a cute kat, he was a food monger, his most favourite food of all was pizza, I swear he could smell the pizza being made at the parlour, as soon as the pizza guy was at the door Bandit was meowing and wouldn't stop until I sat down to have my pizza and one day he jumped up onto my pizza as I was putting it in my mouth. Well we had pizza everywhere but hey he didn't care cause it was all the more for him. I was never able to fully enjoy a slice as he wanted to eat it all right then and there. He was quite hilarious.

    I have had wonderful adventures with all my pets. All and all in the year of 1998-99 I had 27 cats, finding homes for them was a hard task but alas each one of them got new homes and of course my Orangefatcat Hammy was the most favourite one of all thus my name. His antics would keep you laughing for ever. What a great big huge fluffy fat cat. I loved him so much, unfortunately when I left my husband I couldn't take Hammy with me to the womens shelter, so I left it with my son and ex. I told me ex that when Marco and I get a larger apt, we were going to take Him that was the understanding. However due to some strange illness he left for cat heaven at the tender age of three, my heart was broken. But I know he was the best of the best. I miss all my cats but him moreso.

    So is the saga of the cats in the life of Orangefatcat.


  • Sunnygal41

    Two stories. One gross, the other quite funny. My mother's parents had a beautiful sealpoint Siamese Cat named Missy. My grandmother said she was the cruelest cat she had ever had as she would bring baby birds to my grandma and while she watched, she'd pull their wings off them!!!!! My grandma could never catch her to get the birds away from her tho. She was a bloodthirsty little witch!!! Then, there was the time that one of the hound dogs from the neighboring farm came into their yard.....Gram said Missy caught sight of the dog and with a yowl she flew after the dog, jumped on his back, digging all her claws in, and rode him out of the yard.......we were peeing our pants imagining the howls of that dog as he ran hell bent for leather back home!

  • ButtLight

    Whenever my male cat gets mad at me, especially if I dont scoop fast enough for him he craps all over the place. Not that ticks me off.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Valis, at least Sinnamon doesn't pee in your computer chair like Simon's cat did!

    Two of my past cats, Frieda von Grau Katz and Sir Blackie, whom SHE adopted and brought home to live, used to be great hunting pals. One day they brought in a 3ft garden snake together! Once inside she began working on the head/neck and he wrapped around the body and rabbit kicked it. Poor snake. It was let loose back in the garden.

    When I first moved in with Walt (ex #3) we had a small ground level lanai that "belonged" to the managers cat, a male bermese with a nasty dispossition. One day that cat kept knocking Blackie off the deck and not allowing him back on (the slider was the cat's way into the apartment). Frieda heard the comotion, sauntered into the livingroom, streatched and yawned, sauntered onto the lanai, and "whack! whack! whack! Yowl! whack! whack!". It was over in less than 15 seconds! And the manager's cat never bothered our lanai or Blackie again! Leave it to a queen to protect her charges.

    Oh the cat stories!

  • Country_Woman

    Delilah: Country Woman, did you eat the offerings your dog brought to you?

    Satanus: Sounds like rabbit stew.

    No, we buried all of them, they were sick (else he could'nt catch that amount) - Miximatose

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