So, what are you up to this weekend?

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  • rebel8

    What did you do last weekend for your wife's bday, Paul J? Inquiring minds want to know.

    This weekend my husband is working, so I will be entertaining myself by seeing how many new drawings I can do while sitting on my deck, drinking cappuccino, and spraying bees every 5 minutes. Draw, erase, sip, spray. Draw, erase, sip, spray.

    I might go to Batman tonight if it's still in the theatre.

    I'll be meeting with a couple of elders....
    I'm looking forward to hearing about that!
  • lonelysheep

    I was planning on going to the beach tomorrow, but there will be too many riptides. So, I'll go over my best friend's and get in her pool, bbq, and drink.

  • Thegoodgirl

    Staying up all night finishing paper. Cleaning home frantically tomorrow. Plus repairing damage from gas lines. They poked a hole in the gas line to our home yesterday when some guys were digging. So firetrucks wailing, street blocked off yesterday, all just for my home! (Well, me and a few others). So they now have to poke a hole (a big one) in the basement (which is the wall of a beautiful bedroom). So we'll be repairing that. (Painting, they say, is not something they do.) There were literally 2 jackhammers going at the same time this morning. See why I can't study???

    Mom/sis/bro-law come tomorrow night. Show them the town. Sunday maybe drop mom off at the KH if she promises not to give out my address. Sunday night show mom the town again, then a week in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Birthday dinner for Mum-in-law at sis-in-law's in McMinnville - an hour away. Whole fam-damily affair. Always good. We're responsible for salad and our own beverages. We'll probably do brunch on the way down.

    I have a couple things up on for sale - an Eames style knock-off walnut plywood and black pleather loungechair and ottomon, and a 50's chrome and red formica table.

    I'm starting the design work for a Hawaiian style appliqued queen-sized quilt. I bought the sheets for it on sale this last week. Twin sheets are far less expensive than the same yardage of fabric at a fabric store! $8 per sheet vs $8 per lineal yard of 44" wide fabric.

    I have some other crafts to start/finish. Candy foil covered picture frames, and a covering a mat with silk for a japanese print.

    Picking blackberries which are in their prime right now - from our backyard, for jam or bb cobbler.


  • jaredg

    rich and crumpet,

    yes it looks like all the fun will be just "around the corner" . rich, I must ask though how you know it's a good bar and what it's like. crumpet, you should come down and party with rich and myself some time

  • RichieRich
    . rich, I must ask though how you know it's a good bar

    I get around.

    and what it's like.

    Well its right behind Havana's on Tucker? St. and its a real humble joint. Plastic shot glasses, and the cute little mini Coronas for like a dollar. Only a few beers on tap, but nice. A couple of good pool tables. I think the same guy who owns Aura owns it.

    (I have friends who bounce at Aura, and therefore have hooked me up at around the corner.)

  • Finally-Free

    Taking a course for the next 2 weekends.

    No fun happening here.


  • Princess
    Picking blackberries which are in their prime right now - from our backyard, for jam or bb cobbler.

    Oooh, good idea.

    Friday night, eat, watch tube sleep. I'll probably slip out sometime today to buy a basketball hoop for my kids. So you can insert "shoot hoops with kids" in between eating and watching TV.

    Saturday: 15 mile bike ride followed by 4 mile run. Eat lots. Son having a buddy over for a sleepover (they're 8) night, sleep.

    Sunday: husband going on 200 mile bike ride so I'm going to grab the kiddos and hit the trail to pick blackberries...thanks Brenda! Work on building website or go to beach. Hard to say. The whole day is open and so many options.

  • RichieRich

    I forgot to mention I have to run the chicken joint from 4- 12 too, plus closing.

    I told my mother last night that I hate being an adult. And if she lets me go back to 3rd grade, I promise to do right this time...

  • Hecklerboy

    Snowshoe Mountain Resort is hosting Kona Demo Days. So a friend and I are heading up to test ride a couple Kona mountain bikes. He's in the market for a new bike and looking at a Kona Coiler Deluxe. Wants me to come along and compare it to my Santa Cruz Heckler. Then where going to hit some trails on the way home. Should be a fun Sunday. Much better than sitting in a KH listening to the same old boring lies.

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