So, what are you up to this weekend?

by PaulJ 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • Princess

    Scratch my boring Friday night plans. Dropping the kids with a sitter and heading out to a bar to listen to a friend's band play.

    I had a close call with a boring Friday there for awhile.

  • delilah

    Not much...............just going to relax, vegetate a bit.....imbibe in a little alkyhawl..... visit with some friends. Maybe this weekend, will go S L O W L Y.........


  • littlerockguy

    kitty: "stay up late drinking...go to sleep...sleep in till noon"

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

    Got a new pair of speedos, sunglasses and gonna get some alcohol, my mp3 player and lay out by the pool all weekend and not go anywhere! Plans so far!

  • littlerockguy
  • JH

    I'm not doing much right now, will eat a bite soon, and go to bed in 1 hour, unless something pops up.

  • miss_ellie

    uni work right to work at hal4 4 til 11pm really not in the mood!!! then bed and out for drinks 2moro eve with friends!!

    ellie x

  • wanderlustguy

    I'm going to a truck show...don't know if it'll be fun...but I figured what the hell.


  • ballistic

    I get a real thrill out of jumping on the motorbike and taking off, but alas, it's raining outside. I live on a dual carridgeway (inter-state) so it's real quick to jump on a pull that throttle back.

  • Es

    cleaning, visiting my nan and the food shopping hooray a jam packed weekend of fun NOT es

  • sonnyboy

    Hey, PaulJ.

    I'm up to the same thing as every weekend: Getting up whenever, going wherever, having a few drinks whenever, and thinking about doing some yard work when and wherever the drinks wear off.

    You know, normal-type stuff.

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