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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


  • Valis

    LOL you guys are funny..I may need safe houses, getaway cars, anti ballistic missles, and a rather large pointy stick to get all this straightened out, but my good news is one of my friends has already said they would help and Cruzanheart, maybe we can meet for some Mexican food this week or so and I can give you as many facts as I have for a good start on affadavit. I have also asked the bank to send me a statement from that month so I can at least try and establish my whereabouts at the time I was supposedly getting a ticket. I will not go quietly into the night over this...

    David, sorry I wasn't home man, i was over at CSG's house. Will give you a call tomorrow or something.


    District Overbeer "Did not shoot the deputy" class

  • Eyebrow2

    Ack...I will make sure I pick up some soap-on-a-rope for you next time I got to Sams club...just in case!

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