Quick: How do I JW-proof the house?

by Thegoodgirl 58 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mary


    Might be a good idea if you hid this away if you got it.......like about 5 miles away.....and anything else that exposes the religion.....

  • GoingGoingGone

    Any books on astrology or numerology or fung-shui or that kind of thing...


  • zev

    might be a good idea to cripple your pc just before they show up.

    remove the power cord from the monitor and the pc and lock them up.

    then make up a lame excuse that its on the fritz and its going into the shop after they leave

  • Evanescence

    If they go on the internet, wouldn't they be able to track down that you have been posting on this site?

    like when you start to type something in yout browser www.J , the whole website appears www.jehovahs-witness.com ?

    So better be careful, say you love going on this site www.watchtower.org


  • CountryGuy

    Don't forget to remove anything that has the flag or any patriotic combinations of the stars and stripes. I'd even be careful with anything red, white and blue. I once had an elder jump all over me about my patriotic sticker on my car and come to find out it was just the "Oil Change Reminder" sticker that had a blue star with a red back ground.

    Good luck! (Oh and don't say that while they're there!)

  • geevee

    You could lay out some jw books and jw magazines at "appropriate" articles that suggest that non jw's examine their religion to make sure it is true, leave out old books like the harp of god or millions now living will never die......... It probably makes no difference, they know something is up anyway. We hide all our books, Ray Franz, Carl Jonnson, Edward Gruss, etc, but they are in the cupboard if they get snoopy..... My mother-in-law came over and told us about what a great talk the CO gave. She was just about to tell us stuff from it and I said that she should expect a great talk from him, thats why they pay him the big bucks!! we laughed and she shut up!!

  • Carmel

    I take it you want to falsify your true self while mommy is over? Sorry, but why delay the inevitable?


  • jeeprube

    I think you should get some old Watchtower and Awake articles out, or photocopied. Things like Homosexuality and Bestiality not qualifing as divorcing offences......Put em on the coffee table or next to the toilet, highlight the juicy stuff.

  • evita

    Good luck, good girl

    I found this nearly impossible to do as I have 3 kids and everything seemed to remind my mom that we weren't in the troof.
    One of my worst memories happened many years ago when my twin boys were 3. My mom stopped by unexpectedly and we were dyeing Easter eggs. She was so upset she ran out the door as I was begging her to stay and I would put everthing away. She said she didn't want to "interfere with you practicing your religion". My kids were so confused and I felt terrible. Ironically, I don't have a "religion" to practice thanks to my mom and the JW's.
    My whole house is loaded with stuff JW's hate. Video games, books, movies, holiday paraphenalia, presents, stuff up on the fridge, etc... It got so bad that my mom stopped coming to my house and we just went to hers the years she was speaking to me.
    Oh, don't forget to remove any questionable art work. I forgot I had one depicting a fertility goddess. Oops!

  • TonyT

    Set up a guest account on the computer, surf some wholesome, upbuilding sites, password protect your own account (the one with the apostate stuff) and watch them get frustrated snooping in your decoy history file for dirt.

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