Have you ever got up in the middle of a meeting, bored, and just left?

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  • JH

    Funny, but I wouldn't like a 15 minute recess between meetings...

    So, instead of being there 2 hours, I'd be at the hall 2h15

  • undercover
    So, instead of being there 2 hours, I'd be at the hall 2h15

    It was worse than that even...back then, elders weren't held to strict time restrictions on WT study length. We had an elder then that routinely went 30 minutes over on the WT study. We had to read every scripture, dissect every paragraph, explain every graph, photo and chart ever published. It was torture...especially for a child.

  • candidlynuts

    my ex.......used the excuse of being diabetic and needing to go get a diet coke , would leave half way thru the talk on sundays and show up again before the song during the watchtower study..

    found out after the divorce he was meeting a local shop owner for some hanky panky.

    cant hardly hold that against him.. who wouldnt pick sex over sitting in the kh?

  • zagor

    I'm glad someone brought it up finally. I don't think there was even one meeting where I felt completely immersed into program. I thought initially I was just bad witness until it finally dawned on me that meetings were just boring.

    Then I've stareted noticing that many if not all in the hall from time to time used "convenient" excuses just to skip meetings or go home earlier. Then it occured to me that many love having parts in meetings or giving comments just to keep themselves awake. I mean, come on, give me a break. If something was really the ultimate truth should we all feel a real buzz at the meetings?!?

  • wanderlustguy

    many, many times. Especially when my daughters were born...go outside and play with the kids!

  • Lapuce

    I used to do it all the time, I faked appointements, emergencies, work you name it.... I hated it so much.


  • vitty

    I can not believe that I spent YEARS bored and thinking up ways not to go or how I could go home early.

    And I was an adult, no one forced me was I mad ? yep I must have been. I look back and am shocked how I was emotionally blackmailed for so long in going and doing something I didnt want to do. I put myself through agony because I thought this was the truth and the problem was with me.

    I just thought on day Ill get it , thankgod I didnt.

    I wonder in a congregation of say a hundred, how many dont want to be there.

  • blondie

    I did leave a few circuit assemblies and district conventions early, even skipping a day because the talks were especially offensive, like being slapped in the face every 5 minutes.

    I did see brothers wander out to their cars periodically, not checking for criminals but to check on the game on the radio.

    I remember one circuit assembly where many of the elders who hunted had gone to the circuit assembly the weekend before. I guess it was fairly evident at the elders meeting on Saturday. Boy, was the CO pissed. Probably made him look bad in the DO's eyes.

    Blondie (missing since 2002)

  • jwfacts

    I found the meetings so disturbing by the end that on Sunday i would arrive very late, go for a coffee during the middle song, wander around the shops and then come back for the last song. That way i could hang out at the end with friends, and also make mini statement about how i felt without actually saying anything that would get me in trouble.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    When I got to the point that I could have free will and just up and leave without a parent breathing down my neck I just quit going.

    One time when I was 14 or so I snuck into my mothers purse and snatched her car keys. I told her I was going to the bathroom when instead I took her car for a joyride. Looking back I can honestly say that doing 80 mph in a residential area was not a very wise decision. Fortunatley no one was hurt and I didnt wreck the car.

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