2 Elders Ask My Mom 2 Questions-----What's Your Opinion On Motive?

by minimus 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • confusedjw

    Keep squeezing Mr. WT keep squeezing, because if you don't we will be welcoming Mother Minimus to JWD real soon.

  • minimus

    Midwich, 2 good points!!------Kool Aid Man, WELCOME!!!! I hope you're not gonna offer anyone any "koolaid".

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    Hey Min! Your mom is da bomb! She's ole school though, you know she can see through their BS. How can the botchtower society say they do NOT break up families, when its apparant that's what these elders are trying to do in every way? First, they deleted her as a pio. for going to 'her grandaughters' wedding, then they imply that minimus is not a good son .... and to put the kaibash on the bulls*it "REMEMBER, WE ARE YOUR FAMILY" (Luke, I am your faaaaaaaaaaaaathe, search your heart boy, you knoooooooooooowwww this to be true - Darth Vadar, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back (?)

    Hey Kool Aid - Welcome to the forum maaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn! Glad to have you !

  • M.J.

    That part about "we're your REAL family" was creepy. Classic cult appeal.

  • minimus

    I just talked to my mom and she said the elders didn't like it when she referred to the Circuit Overseer as a "henchman".

  • Bryan


  • jaffacake


    Your mom sounds like a fantastic person, you must be proud!


    Thanks for being here, and a Warm Welcome.

  • jgnat

    I hope these men see your mother's face every time they look in the mirror. For the rest of their lives.

  • minimus

    It's funny, she told me just because she feels this way about how she was treated does not mean that agrees with me about the "truth".

  • rebel8
    Two anointed ex-witnesses who 'wiggled our way loose' from the authoritarian Watchtower organization. We were Witnesses for over 40 years

    Hi Kool Aid Man & Company. Welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to post here, and glad you didn't "drink the Kool Aid".

    Right about now, I imagine you're getting about 100 PMs in your inbox. Your story is quite unusual. There are thousands of people on this forum and I'm sure many would love to hear more, when you're ready of course.

    Again, welcome.

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