2 Elders Ask My Mom 2 Questions-----What's Your Opinion On Motive?

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  • minimus

    #1 Do you love Jehovah?......She answered, "Of course I love Jehovah". #2 Do you feel the same about the Faithful & Discreet Slave?....She answered, "Why wouldn't I ? They taught me everything I know".-----To give you some background, the elders paid a shepherding call on this ill former regular pioneer that they deleted for going to an "unequaled yoking" of a wedding of my inactive daughter and her "worldly" husband. Once again they tried to say she was treated quite lovingly and that the Circuit Overseer could've put in his report that she went to the wedding and had to be removed but instead, "lovingly", he just said that she is chronically ill and that SHE felt she couldn't pioneer any longer. When my mother once again expressed that Jehovah God HATES liars and that the whole account is simply not true, they switched gears a bit. She made sure that they knew she felt "broken" by all their actions and was now "damaged goods". After trying to help her see their "love" for her, the other elder posed those 2 questions to her.....Interestingly, my name was never brought up yesterday but this same elder called her the day before and made this comment:"I doubt Minimus sees you as often as he did before. Just remember WE are your real family!".........Any comments?

  • candidlynuts

    its all really creepy in my opinon. real family indeed... yuck

    sounds like they are geared up to attack and d/f her.. she handled them well though.. good for her!

  • stillajwexelder

    Two words only required minimus (I will give you a clue - Salem Massachussetts was famous for it)

  • minimus

    Still, Stilla, they did not bring me up at all.

  • Thegoodgirl

    My God, Minimus, they're trying to DF her!!! That's kind of awesome, she may actually escape them after all. Hope she is able to make it through this stressful time without too much pain. Stand by her side quietly and let her vent. Sounds like she's starting to see through them. Maybe she'll start to view DF'd people differently if she gets DF'd like that under the simple fact that they're trying to cover up their lie. Hopefully they'll not reappoint her as a pioneer, otherwise, her faith in them may be restored. Good luck to you and her.

  • Lot

    With family like that who needs anyone else?

    On a serious note, I feel very badly for your mother that she has to be subjected to that kind of "love". I would thimk that their motive would be to get an admission of apostasy. They could care less, of course, if your mother loves Jehovah. They have to put that in to make it look good. It is the second question that really concerns them.

    Good luck to you and your mother,


  • EvilForce

    What a bunch of morons. "Oh, this is going to hurt us more than it's going to hurt you...."
    What loving provisions she's enjoying from Jehoba. And Minimus you should visit your mother more often. You don't call....you don't write....horrible son you are Minimus....horrible I tell ya. ;)

  • rebel8

    Sounds like my story. They're trying to DF this woman for attending a wedding, which is not prohibited by their rules--how hypocritical. They tried to DF me when I said I wasn't going to go to meetings any more. I was a pioneer then too. I guess they try harder to bully pioneers.

    They asked me the same questions and I said, "I don't know." I didn't get DFd nor am I DAd, at least to my knowledge.

    She made sure that they knew she felt "broken" by all their actions and was now "damaged goods".

    I made sure to tell them JWs lying and meanness made me feel stumbled. I said that for revenge. Of course the elders sided with the stumblers, so it probably did no good.

  • minimus

    When I told her that they asked her the questions to see if she was "apostate", she said, "Wouldn't it be funny if they disfellowshipped me and You and your family couldn't talk to me."

  • Cygnus

    It sounds horrifying, what's going on there. How in Yahoo's good name can those elders sleep at night?

    I made a mockery of those questions when posed to me, and was ceremoniously DF'd (I performed the ceremony part, god it felt good to make the elders look like morons and also to treat them as the robotic morons they were). I can guarantee a way not to get DF'd. True to life story. A bit of it here.

    I was technically DF'd for associating with a DF'd person. Another life-long friend was an inactive JW living as roommates with the fella I got DF'd over. When the elders approached him, he showed them his M-16 assault rifle and said 'if you even TRY to DF me and force my family to shun me, I will load up this weapon, kill you, kill your families, and then kill myself.' Then, staring at them with steely, unflinching eyes, he said: 'And I mean it!'

    They never bothered him again and while he swears, has illicit sex, and does whatever he wants, including NOT going to the kingdumb hall, he has free reign to associate with any JW he pleases.

    Edited to add: When my brother, who had been a baptized JW but quit practicing for some years, got married in a Methodist church, my JW mom and dad had no reservations about attending. They were married by a woman minister under the blessing of the holy trinity. I'm lucky to have family like I do. I'm DF'd and my parents love me more than ever. At my judicial hearing one elder said to me, "It'll be a real hardship for your parents to not be able to talk to you." I stood up, pointed my finger at him and said, "Ha! If you think my family will abide by the ruling of this council, you're dead wrong. And if you even THINK of trying to go after them for talking to me, I'll be after you like flies go after s**t. I want each and every one of your names, addresses and phone #'s, 'cause I won' sue the congregation, I won't sue the WTS, I'll sue each and every one of YOU." They gave up their personal info to me and I have not had a problem since.

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