2 Elders Ask My Mom 2 Questions-----What's Your Opinion On Motive?

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  • minimus

    Can anyone get me a cannon?

  • Oroborus21

    Hi Min,

    I didn't know that it was a crime to go to "an unequal yoking" aka marriage ceremony of a Witness and non-Witness. I haven't seen that anywhere in Watchtower Literature. Please provide a citation if you have one where the Society says that one can be disciplined for that. The Society has said to Witnesses that they shouldn't marry Non-Witnesses but I have not seen where they are punishing persons for going to such ceremonies.


  • RichieRich

    Minimus... I'm sorry to hear about your mom.

    Sadly, this whole situation says a lot about the brothers taking the lead.

    Disfeelowhipping is supposed to help a person see the error of their ways and repent. Since your moms time is limited, if she got DFed it would show their REAL motive.

    this whole situation makes me sick.

  • Terry

    How about:

    "Oh, I'd love to chat with you about my deepest held beliefs, but, my policy is to never expose myself to being judged by men with the power to misunderstand me. You see, you have the power to deprive me of my family and friends should you take something I say and misperceive it. I'm not saying you'd do this deliberately. Of course not; but, even the Governing Body has been absolutely certain on many occasions only to reverse themselves. Good Gracious! If they can make an error and it accidentally hurt people---surely you wouldn't claim to be more informed! So, I'll just tell you this. God is my judge. He is the one I serve. I pray only to Him. Jesus is the only mediator between god and man. I speak to Jehovah through him. You can't accidentally misunderstand that, can you?" Big smile...turn...walk away.

  • luna2

    This organization is like an abusive parent trying to justify their abuse by calling it "love". "It's all for your own good, brothers and sisters! When we beat you down to the floor and harrass you unjustly, it's because we LOVE you and kindly want you to be readjusted. When we lie and deceive, its not really lying and deceiving...let's call it reinterpretation or new light or theocratic warfare. Good is bad, bad is good...and that's the truth! It doesn't have to make sense. Just grovel and OBEY mindlessly and all will be well."

    I was going to say that some must have commented on a faithful pioneer sister going to a "worldly" wedding so they felt they had to take action, but they lied about the real reason they stripped her pioneer status from her so that hardly would make the point with the congregation that doing such is a big no-no and you will pay for it. What kills me is that this is so arbitrary...different congregations have differing levels of strictness depending on the consciences and level of control freakiness of whichever elders are dominant.

    Maybe it was her request that they not announce that she'd like visits and crappy false well-wishes from the "friends" that got their undies in a knot, cuz it sure sounds like this latest visit is the usual "are you really an evil apostate" fishing expedition.

  • ButtLight
    I doubt Minimus sees you as often as he did before. Just remember WE are your real family!".

    Ummm excuse me, so what does that make you Min? Chopped liver?

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    She made sure that they knew she felt "broken" by all their actions and was now "damaged goods". After trying to help her see their "love" for her, the other elder posed those 2 questions to her.....

    It's interesting here Minimus (but certainly not surprising when it comes to JWs) to note that, from your description of the events they used deflection and transference.

    Rather than offering up apologies for their past actions and conduct towards your Mom they stopped short of it, turned the whole "love" issue around and called into question her level of love for Jehovah and the Watchtower. (It's also interesting that there second question was applied to the Watchtower men in Brooklyn and not applied to Jesus who sacrificed for our sins and is the cornerstone of Christianity - but that's another point).

    Interestingly, my name was never brought up yesterday but this same elder called her the day before and made this comment:"I doubt Minimus sees you as often as he did before. Just remember WE are your real family!".........Any comments?

    Her is another example of deflection and transference. This visit stemmed from a comment that your Mom made about the local JWs not visiting her sincerely. Rather than acknowledge that fact, apologize for it and correct it they completely ignore her feelings and try to turn the spotlight on you and whether you are visiting her often. They obviously assume you are not hence the arrogance in their follow up comment (which is also probably a veiled threat).

    Further to that Minimus I guess their response to your mother's complaint about not being visited was to drop by and accuse her of not being a good enough JW. These people have no concept of what it means to be emotionally supportive to others because they are too wrapped up in themselves.

    I feel real sorry for what your Mom is going through Buddy. You have been chronicling it here in the forums for some time now. The love and concern you have for your Mom comes through in your posts. It must be hard to have to sit back and watch men and a cult emotionally attack on your elderly Mom on an ongoing basis. As difficult as it may be at her stage in life I hope she is able to escape them.

  • undercover
    they did not bring me up at all.

    Doesn't matter. They know your situation and they feel sure that you are influencing your mother. First it was you that usurped their authority and their control. Now, your MIA and they leave you alone for the most part because you are not an immediate threat to them. Your mother, though, who is starting to see through the charade, is still an active JW and poses a threat to their power and control. She could be a divisive influence in the congregation. She has to go. They are looking for away to control the situation even if it means DFing her and removing her from being able to create more problems.

    Sorry she has to go through the inquisition, but if the elders play hard ball and try to DF her, it might be the best thing for her in the long run.

    Good luck, minimom.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Stilla: Two words only required minimus (I will give you a clue - Salem Massachussetts was famous for it) Min: Still, Stilla, they did not bring me up at all. I think Stilla's right. They're poking about looking for more reasons to "love" her right out of the bOrganization. She answered beautifully! You're mom is one sharp Minimom! But then, again, she had you.

  • lonelysheep

    They sound like they're out to get her. Your mom seems to be seeing their true colors, though. They are certainly doing a good job showing it.

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