2 Elders Ask My Mom 2 Questions-----What's Your Opinion On Motive?

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  • jgnat

    Minimus, my hubby does this too. He has a fit of rebellion and "shows them" by skipping a meeting. Three days later he has a fit of conscience and lets me know, in no uncertain terms, he is never leaving the "truth". I think this is a natural swing for someone waving through fits of disillusionment.

  • minimus

    I agree. She's going thru stages.

  • LongHairGal


    What a bunch of sneaky bastards! This visit isn't out of concern for your mother's welfare. It is, as was mentioned, a "fishing expedition". They have to get to the bottom of your mother's attitude towards them. They are not quite convinced that she is not a "problem". They won't be happy until she's smiling at them and agreeing with them. This may not be over yet.


  • Blueblades

    Minny buddy get ready for your day in court. They are gathering information to use against you. They always use those close to us to do this. They did it with my son, forced me to step down, ( deleted me ) through their Disfellowedshipping of him.

    They lied to me about helping my son, to get us to come to the Judicial meeting and the appeal meeting. That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for my family. Later it was admitted that they might of made a mistake in their decisions. Your Mom has you and you have her, I don't believe that they can ever take that relationship away .


  • Honesty
    :"I doubt Minimus sees you as often as he did before. Just remember WE are your real family!".........

    They were once my real family, too... until I dared question their real god the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • myelaine

    dear minimus,

    you said: Can anyone get me a cannon?

    drugs dont help you know. who are they for?

    love michelle

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