Suitable careers for JW children to aim for!

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  • katiekitten

    I was making those college decisions 20 years ago and it was very clear to me that any form of further education byond 16 was out.

    Also NO-ONE ever discussed with me what other kind of work I might ENJOY given that I couldnt go to college. Not even my parents who now claim to have been heartbroken watching me work at awful low paid part time jobs while I pioneered.

    There was one girl in our cong who did something she enjoyed, which was hairdressing, but she was considered pretty worldly and selfish for following her own agenda (namely enjoying her job!)

    So I have to agree neither money nor enjoyment was encouraged within jobs at our cong.

  • ballistic
    OUCH! This was a rather rude way to make a first response.

    Yeah, if ever I think I have problems, I can always remember there's some people out there who can't even communicate like a human being!

  • JT

    JT is right on the mark when he says that the WTO has never said "don't go to college" rather they created the atmosphere of looking down on people who go to college. The more and more i think about it the more i'm coming to realize that we're following the dictates of men rather than the bible. One of our local needs was about dying hair more than one colour for men (petty eh?). Did you know that brothers shouldn't die their hair more than one colour because apparently frosting your tips started out in the gay community and we wouldn't have anything to with that.


    by creating this atmosphere any good first year psych student can tell you what this type of PEER pressure produces,

    jw are taught to have great respect for those in leadership roles, pioneer, elders co do bethelites

    so if the "Important" members of a group take a certain position and then conect that position as being bible based, like magic you have a mindset in place and at work

    the wt has always equated going off to college with somehow indicating you are spiritual weak, have less love for god than those who chose not to go to college

    while most religions don't present college as If you go you don't love god, if you don't then you do love god

    the wt has connected the choice of college to ones relationship with god as if if you buy a 4 door car you have greater love for god and someone who buys a two seater

    as i tell folks these are the types of wt nuances that are often times "Unwritten" but clearly understood

    case in point, the poster talked about dying ones hair, well bethelites are not allowed to wear necklaces and gold braclets, yet you will NEVER see anything in print about not doing that

    it is due to Homosexual mean used that to reconized each other and pick each other up according to the bethel home overseer, george counch-

    jw live their lives with both Written and Unwrittend rules and violation of both will result in some type of repercussions

    bottome line

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Hi Terry,

    This is a rather condescending general observation below:

    >Educated people, on the other hand, become LESS dependant. Educated people earn more and learn more and build their own lives without reliance on secondary aid from airy promises hawked on streetcorners by wild-eyed magazine salemen.
    Educated people think for themselves. Thinking people question outrageous claims made by magazine publishers which do not meet minimum standards of evidence.
    Educated people have the mental health to avoid obligating themselves to a life determined by the whims of old men sitting around a boardroom in Brooklyn concocting new ways of skinning the same stinky old dead cat of 1914 and Armageddon Soon prophecies.
    Education is public enemey #1 for religious fanatics bent on world control through coercion and empty promises

    This comment is straight out of liberal group-think. "We who know must decide what is best for those poor, uneducated fools who aren't intelligent enough to make their own decisions." You must be a liberal democrat!

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    You're doing the right thing, Dune.

    >What annoyed me, was this sister asked me "Why not go to bethel?" Right after my first semester. What REALLY bothered me was that she didnt even have the decency to look at me in the face. like what was i supposed to say? I dont want to go to bethel !?!?!

    I graduated back in '73 with a brother who was Valedictorian. He was the one who studied with me before I got baptized. He was offered full ride scholarships but it was a given that 'Bethel was calling'. He went and later his youngest brother went too. They are still there as far as I know. Yes, he was very intelligent and is probably a big wheel. His brother was a dufus. They used him at assemblies to walk around with the signs that said, "Go to your Seat".

  • Pistoff

    Shi**ing One wrote:

    "This comment is straight out of liberal group-think. "We who know must decide what is best for those poor, uneducated fools who aren't intelligent enough to make their own decisions." You must be a liberal democrat!"

    Yep; he values education over brainwashing.

    Couldn't have said it any better myself.


  • Gill

    All your posts have been really interesting to me. I can see and have realised for a long time that the only way to keep a JW really under control is to either keep him 'uneducated', or to keep him in fear of losing all of those he loves through ex-communication!

    Those were the things that kept me brainwashed and in the cult.

    Going back, I know I was an excellent student with great potential. I had a great interest in many things, mostly science based and wanted to go into medicine in some way or another. As you can imagine this was 'not on' and the atmosphere in the cong. that we attended was openly hostile to any form of furthur education. It was down to the constant quoting at me of scriptures such as, and I can only paraphrase them now, but that the study of too many books is wearisome to the soul, and that godly training was beneficial for all things etc.. I admit to have been a brainwashed fool, when it came to religion at least, and I feared my parents, the elders, fellow JWs. I feared my childhood sweetheart would abandon me if I continued my education. In the end, to the dismay of my teachers, after succeeding well at school with ten good 'O' levels, mostly A grades and three good A levels, I left school to become a school cleaner!! I remember bumping into my Biology teacher, who stood there shocked asking what the hell I was doing cleaning a school!! His last words to me were 'what a terrible waste! Go to Uni where you belong.'

    But, it took me another twenty years to wake up from the Watchtower nightmare. I think 'what a waste' myself. I don't regret a great husband, great kids, but I regret the waste of my own potential because of everything I was brought up to fear and intimidated into fearing.

    I posted on this particular Watchtower article, which by the way when I finished reading was unceremoniously burnt, because I know of many, many people who's potential has been wasted by a looney, seventh day adventist off- shoot, mind control, cult.

    It's not all about loss of earnings either. It's about self fulfillment and mind inspiration. Think how many ideas have been lost to the world. How many good or even great artist, musicians, doctors, nurses, teachers......

    It makes me angry anyway!

  • JT

    It's not all about loss of earnings either. It's about self fulfillment and mind inspiration. Think how many ideas have been lost to the world. How many good or even great artist, musicians, doctors, nurses, teachers......


    bingo omg, words have never been spoken more truer

    and this is the point that jw missed, they are so quick to drum out the old $$$$ issue of college vs non college

    yet many go to college with no desire to carve out nich in this old system or become rich as the wt often attributes as the reasons folks go to college

    notice how the wt paints ONLY a negative view of college:


    w84 10/1 p. 17 Remain "Without Spot From the World" ***

    much depends on the person’s motives. Is a desire for independence and riches the prime factor? Will the education result in a drastic reduction of service to Jehovah or will it help to sustain you in sacred service? Though a Christian who should remain unspotted by the world, are you instead trying to carve out a niche for yourself in this system of things

    college only OK if you plan to pioneer:


    km 3/93 p. 4 Can You Do More to Honor Jehovah? ***

    If supplementary education is deemed necessary by the prospective pioneer in order to help him to pursue full-time service,

    how many folks do you knowgo to college for these reasons:


    w96 2/1 p. 14 Education—Use It to Praise Jehovah ***

    What, though, should be one’s motive in choosing further education when that may appear necessary? Certainly not riches, self-glory, or praise.

    most folks go so they can get a better paying job and not have to work as hard as dad did


    g71 6/8 p. 8 Second Thoughts About a College Education ***

    So by guiding their children away from the so-called ‘higher’ education


    in the above article the wt didn't mention any possible benifits of college only negative ones

    yet the minute a jw gets sick they head to a doctor

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