Who are you now?

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  • Satanus


    we had absolutely nothing in common.

    Sorry, i can't see why you would anything w somrbody for absolutely no reasons. There has got to be something, like maybe having a belief or another friend or something in common. I'm just puzzled by this.


  • tsunami_rid3r

    that reminds me of camp. all of my cabin mates were diverse. we had this gothic dude, 2 guys who were going into the corps, 1 guy i could relate to because of musical taste, another guy and me shared his blow drier, 1 black dude who could recite recipes in his sleep, and 1 dude who brought a freakin grocery store. all of us bonded so close together. we had late night quests.

    on love, i got a new crush now. i met this hottie at camp. well a few hotties. but mainly this one more. i dont know, i hope its mutual. is it normal to dream about your crush? because i had a dream of her. it was just a flashback of me being with her at camp.

  • sonnyboy
    Sorry, i can't see why you would anything w somrbody for absolutely no reasons.

    Satanus, (I love your ID)

    I totally understand your viewpoint. It's completely normal, but there were reasons.

    My best friend and I were workmates who had absolutely nothing in common. We started hanging out after work because...we both had very few friends at the time.

    This has been an eye-opening experience for me because I was taught to believe that like-minded-individuals must stick together. This is SO far from the case. Every friend that I now have (most of them are not really close, but stop by from time to time) has very different interests than me. Sure we share some common ground, as does everyone else on the planet, but we don't necessarily 'fit in' to the same clique.

    When I tell some of these people that I no longer believe in God and am experimenteing with the occult, they get freaked out. They cannot realate whatsoever. But, we still hang out and enjoy one another's company.

  • sonnyboy

    That's normal, TR.

    The thing I learned about crushes is not to dwell on them unless you're sure something can come of it. It's ok to fantasize, but obscession is never a good thing.

    I've had so many go-nowhere crushes in my lifetime that I could write a book. It seems that when you have a serious crush, your mind can trick you into believing that it's something more than it actually is. At least that's been the case with me. It can make you do some stupid **** if you're not careful.

  • Thegoodgirl

    Well, I don't really know who I am either. I guess I'm a person who ususally sees things differently than those around me, but I don't voice my opinion because I'm trying to "fit in" since I never quite did as a JW. So then I end up being bored with those around me, and no one really knows who I am.

    I'm also learning that even though I may have a viewpoint that people should have no barriers to being friends with others (ie: race and culture shouldn't be a factor), others do not have that viewpoint. So while I am naively spending my time trying to build friendships with those of another race/culture, I've recently realized I will always be #2 friend for them. It's just a new realization I"ve come to this week. Not to hijack the thread!

  • stillajwexelder
  • rebel8
    what have you done to repair it? What have you done to create the individual-self in you?

    We cannot repair 100% of it because we can't time travel. All you can do is go from this point forward.

    What did I do? In a nutshell, I figured out what path my life would have taken had I never been a JW, then I set about becoming that person. I've accomplished that as much as a person can. Then I wrote a book about it.

  • Tez

    Wow! there's some cynical people on here! You keep on believing in Love!!! All forms of it... One thing I do believe and always will...Love conquers all!! (eventually)

    As for who I am now???? Still becoming... but as for the rock music thing! Well its taken me a long time but at 50 I am an 'old rock chick'!!!!

  • doogie

    yo mama

  • stopthepain

    I am everything my parents tried to keep me from being--------myself.

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