Called the information desk again about the UN

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  • ithinkisee

    You can buy a device for $20 from Radio Shack that records phone calls with amazing clarity. Someone needs to record one of those phone conversations to the WT regarding the UN so we can dissect the conversation.

    That would be fun!


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    The WTB&TS always gets away with every lie they are involved in. Whose fault is it?

    Answer: The members.......imagine that!

  • JT

    And excellent point was made by a poster:

    “This just shows how little they think of the RF intelligence”

    And verified by another poster call slim when he stated:

    “I knew there was some reasonable explanation”

    As they say first time shame on you, second time shame on me

    In the case of the wt signing paperwork for 10yrs and never reading it, would amount to their lawyers being jackA$$es

  • skyman

    I been camping for the last few day's a came home and read the posts. The sister came up and we went through some of the information on this post. She could not reasonably answer the posts. But she tried. Late last night her husband came up and he was flabergasted after she went home and asked her husband if he would go with her to meeting today. He then went through the all the lies given by the Society about the UN and she then asked him to please go to meeting with her because she could not go again (She went last Tuesday night) with out his support. He said he was sick, she is like a dog that returns to it's vomet, he said. She had not gone to meeting for years and all of a sudden she wants back in. It scares the Hell out of me. Her husband and I are good friends and it will cause us alot of trouble. Any day soon the Elders will be knocking at the door and I'll get nailed and then the few Witnesses that still say Hi will be gone for good.

    I say F### them all.

  • Bubbamar
    the Watchtower Society got tricked by the Beast of Revelation, friend of Satan? I guess the direct pipeline to Jehovah was broken that week.


    I thought they were being led by Jehovah?? Led straight to Satan.

    I imagine that's one of the times when the WTBTS are "just men." When they tell you to shun your family they are "inspired" or whatever.

    This is a perfect example of how the WTBTS doesn't even need to waste energy coming up with a PLAUSABLE excuse. Any stupid excuse will do because their followers are utterly brainwashed and entrenched with armageddon phobias. Sad Sad Sad.

  • mustang

    Let me get this straight: the SPIRIT DIRECTED Org was tricked???

    Wasn’t so SPIRIT DIRECTED then, was it?


  • avishai
    I knew there was some reasonable explanation. Apostates always seem to get the wrong end of the stick. Apostates treat the truth like a shouting match: just because they can shout their accusations louder than the Witnesses can defend themselves they think they have the better of them. I won't be so easily duped.

    Soooo.....wait. First, they said they joined, intentionally to get a library card, and that the rules changed so they quit. Now they are saying they were "tricked".

    Hmmm. Two totally separate explanations. Sound's like you've already been duped. Easily.

    Oh, and SBF? I'd like to see you answer some of Hawkaw's point's about the having to re-register every year, etc., as well, but i doubt I'll see it.

  • dontnowat2believe

    So if the 'SPIRIT DIRECTED ORG' was tricked into becoming an NGO, I find myself thinking what else, what else has the wild beast been able to trick the 'ORG' into doing that hasnt been discovered yet ?


  • JT

    let me make sure i got this straight

    in the garden of eden 6000+ yrs ago Satan tricked Eve into eating the fruit

    today in the year 2005 Satan has tricked Gods only spirit directed org into signing up to hang out with his Number #1 agent on the 'earth the UN that sits in place of the Kingdom of God

    and the Wt didn't realize they were being tricked by satan

    folks these are they type of post we need to archive

    i have always stated, there is no need to make stuff up on the wt, just give loyal jw a Kybd and Internet access and the rest is history

    the mental gymnatics demostrated by jw in an attempt to the defend the wt at times are so good one would almost think that some XJW is playng devils advocate and just making this stuff up,

    but sad to say these post typically are the post of some jw who calls himself a Loyal jw

    u got to love it

  • codeblue

    hmmmmmmmmmmm...let me get this straight: I was tricked for 10 years!!!!!! stupid is that comment.

    NO elder body will ever let you off the hook if you say: I am sorry, I couldn't help myself, I fornicated for 10 years!!!

    fill in the blank....


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