Called the information desk again about the UN

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    I was under the impression they had to renew the application every year.

    Oh Skyman, please find this out and tell your sister. She cant believe they were duped annually. And excellent point about their legal team. I wouldnt trust them to defend me in a blood case if they can be tricked so easily.

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    Yeah right.

    The problem with this argument is that each and every year after the Watchtower was approved by the DPI committee in 1992, the DPI (Department of Public Information) prescribed that the WTS along with all other "associated NGOs" must renew its associated status, fill out the prescribed paper work, sign the prescribed paperwork (done by Ciro as well as either Lloyd Barry or Don Adams) and make a note of what activities it did to dissiminate UN activities to the public. They were also provided with DPI directories that showed all the NGOs with consultative and associated status with the UN. In the preambles, hese driectories clearly explained what was expected of these organizations.

    Another problem is the UN itself makes the non governmental organization (NGO) voluntarily apply to it and as part of the application process, the NGO must upfront be willing to support the UN Charter.

    Enough said


    p.s. - The WTS never joined the UN as only countries can join - even the WTS staff can't seem to get this straight. What they did was, as an existing non governmental organization, they voluntarily applied for an "associated status" with the UN's Department of Information. It was considered a partnership.

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    Doesnt money change hands on application and renewal? I supposed they thought they were paying for a magazine subscription.

  • Hellrider

    Make her call again and ask the guy at the desk how it is possible to be tricked ten times in a row. That`s right, the NGO-contract has to be renewed every year. So that means that they signed these papers ten times from 1991 to 2001. Not even a retard...ehrm, mentally challenged person will usually get tricked ten times in a row. And why did they have UN papers, correspondance with the UN anyway? It`s as lame as that library-excuse. They teach their members that the UN is the organisation of the devil!! Why are they themselves doing business with the devil?

    (unless...they are... the servants of Beelzebub, Satan, Lucifer, the Prince of Daaaarknessss....)

  • Panda

    This just shows how little they think of the RF intelligence! The WTS depends on little or no questioning --- no internet searches. Tricked??? Did the UN come knocking on their door for 10 years? If I were the UN I'd complain about the ugly whore on my back in WTS publications ... sheesh... when you consider the amount of graft going on inthe UN for the last 20 yrs its no wonder the GB felt cozy with them.

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    Orientation To Apostasy!

    by Towerwatcher In today's world good jobs are hard to find and once a person has found one, great effort should be taken in order to keep that job. While many jobs are simple requiring no real orientation at all, there are still other jobs which provide an orientation program that explain in every detail the criteria, company history, detailed work descriptions, and several pages of documentation to study. One example of an orientation program that provides excellent detailed job information is the United Nations. NGOs at the United Nations are provided with: (1) Videos, (2) discussions on the history of the U.N., (3) Functional procedures between NGOs, (4) Relationships between NGOs, (5) Current activities of the U.N., (6) Discussions on the political, economic, and social fields of the U.N., (7) A walk tour at U.N. Library, (8) A reception, (9) Introduction about information resources for the U.N., (10) The NGO resource facility, (11) Arrangements for group programs, (12) How to obtain U.N. photos, (13) Accessing U.N. information by computer, (14) Programs on how to be an effective NGO, (15) Presentations are made, and finally (16) this U.N. orientation is provided annually! The 1992 United Nations NGO orientation letter can be found here: It struck me as rather hypocritical that after receiving such a detailed orientation which takes 2 days to complete, and even being given film documentation as to all the facts and features of the United Nations, why the Watchtower leaders would go ahead and once again register in 1992, when they had previously been given a total tour of the criteria for NGOs in 1991 when they joined! After all, the Watchtower's Governing Body already knew that the U.N. General Assembly members did (not) agree with those who believe in the concept of ideological Armageddon! The Watchtower Society was aware of this fact because in their 1991 "Awake" magazine of September 8, page-3 the article states: "Mr. Guido de Marco, president of the General Assembly of the United Nations, shared this optimism. He proclaimed glowingly: “The dawn of a new system based on friendship and cooperation between the major powers is on the horizon. . . . These developments have revitalized the United Nations Organisation.” He said that “the role of the General Assembly as the focal point of international discussion and deliberation, has been reaffirmed in an impressive manner.” Because of this, he further stated: “The world no longer lives in the shadow of a possible Armageddon sparked by ideological competition.” Perhaps it could be said, that the Watchtower Society did not want to be looked upon as an organization judged as sparking ideological competition with the United Nations! The Watchtower Bible And Tract Society (Jehovah's Witnesses), decided to request disassociation from the U.N., in 2001. In a letter dated November 1, 2001, to all their branch offices worldwide the Watchtower Society wrote the following: "Our purpose for registering with the Department of Public Information as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in 1991 was to have access to research material available on health, ecological, and social problems at the United Nations library facilities. We had been using the library for many years prior to 1991, but in that year it became necessary to register as an NGO to have continued access." (Watchtower letter can be found here.) Several people I know, wondered if there had indeed been a change in 1991 as to using the United Nations library, as the Watchtower stated in their letter. This is one of the answers we received back from the United Nations Librarian, quote: "Since 1946, the Dag Hammarskjold Library of the United Nations Secretariat in New York has arranged for the distribution of United Nations documents and publications to users around the world through its depository library system. At present, there are more than 400 depository libraries in over 140 countries maintaining United Nations material from the date of designation as depository to the present. The general public can consult the material free of charge at any depository library. (Look under, What Is The Purpose Of The Depository Library System). I could not help but wonder after reading the above section of the Watchtower letter, if Jehovah's Witnesses realize the meaning of this admission! Not only did the Watchtower leaders lie about being required to be an NGO to use the U.N. Library, but also, in all truthfulness, it would mean that Jehovah's Witnesses have been digesting research material from the Watchtower, that was actually prepared on the dinner table by an "un-clean beast" as the Watchtower describes it. The Watchtower Society has referred to the United Nations several times by words that are not so pleasing to the ears! In the Watchtower of 1953, October 1, page 582, the Watchtower leaders said: ". In Revelation, chapter seventeen, this League of Nations or United Nations is itself pictured as a wild beast of scarlet color and with seven heads, upon which the prostitute woman Babylon the Great sits as rider." Also, some 20 years earlier, the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society published in their "Awake' of 1972 March 8, page-7, which states: "The situation in which the United Nations finds itself today is bleak. There is little hope for its betterment." If the leaders of the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society already knew some 20 years earlier, and believed that the future of the United Nations was "bleak" and stood little hope for improvement, then why would they even dare to want to become a member of a falling U.N. organization anyway? This kind of Watchtower and U.N. relationship certainly does not fit the description, of a body of men being directed by God as the sole channel for dispensing spiritual food for six million Jehovah's Witnesses, who are generally honest, loving, devoted, and law abiding citizens! Rather, it appears to me, to be a body of men who have sold out their religious beliefs to apostasy in abandoning the very religious doctrines that many Jehovah's Witnesses have given their lives to uphold. There is no doubt that the Watchtower leaders were given an orientation with the United Nations, but instead of being honest and fulfilling their job description, they were exposed and ran hastily when their orientation to apostasy was revealed. It is to bad, that Jehovah's Witness members must continue on listening and obeying men who can not do their job! In normal circumstances, wouldn't people in this category be fired? I wonder if Jehovah's Witnesses have given that some thought? Firing some of their leaders might make some improvements! The November 1, 2001 letter from the Watchtower also stated: "Registration papers filed with the United Nations that we have on file contain no statements that conflict with our Christian beliefs." In the above statement from the Watchtower's letter, I noticed that the word (papers) was plural! This indicates that there were several registration papers filed. I also noticed, that if being a member of the United Nations does (not) conflict with any of the Christian beliefs of the Watchtower Society, then why would the Watchtower disassociate itself from the United Nations it worked so hard to be a member? This also tells the whole world, that Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide may become a member of the United Nations without compromising any of their Christian beliefs! The Webster's Dictionary informs me that the word (apostasy) means: "The abandoning of ones religious or political beliefs." When the Watchtower leaders received their orientation from the United Nations, and when they signed those registration forms they mention in their own letter, then they either allowed themselves to be orientated into apostasy, or there should be nothing wrong in Jehovah's Witnesses becoming a U.N. member even now! Jehovah's Witnesses who thought about U.N. membership and have tried were expelled for apostasy by their Watchtower leaders. So what does this say about the statement in the Watchtower letter concerning (no) conflict of Christian beliefs? It says, that Watchtower leaders make rules and regulations for everyone else, but themselves! Somehow, I don't think that Jesus Christ did things that way!

    FOOTNOTE: Accredited NGOs must register with the United Nations to receive a valid UN grounds pass. This pass is necessary to enter the UN premises. Registration will take place beginning Sunday 3 June, inside the Visitors Entrance. Participants will then proceed to the UN pass office located on the corner of 45th Street and First Avenue. More information will be available at the NGO orientation and planning meetings. Please be sure to bring your passport to the registration venue, and any correspondence you have from UNCHS related to the accreditation and pre-registration.

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    Skyman .................Is this for real? ?????

  • Triple A
    Triple A

    Has anyone ever noted how far apart the UN and WTBTS Headquarters are? I would guess less than 10 miles. If they were Mormons, someone could have rode their bike over and got the truth. Than they would not have been tricked.

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    If I were the UN I'd complain about the ugly whore on my back in WTS publications ...

    Hm...I think she`s kind of hot, actually.

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    In Other News, this from Surreal County...

    A child came home and discovered her mother having intercourse but the man was not the child's father. The man, named "John", appeared to pay $200 to the child's mother before he left.

    When the traumatized child asked the mother, "How could you have sex with that man? Why did he pay you? How could you prostitute yourself, after all the morals you taught me?"

    The mother replied, "Oh, I was tricked. That man *TRICKED* me into having sex with him for money. He is a plumber, and we needed his skills and knowledge to help fix the slow drain in kitchen. But he made me sign some papers before he would start work, and the next thing you know, we're bumping uglies. I was tricked.... for the last nine hours, I was tricked. It's a good thing you came home when you did! You helped to end this terrible trick!

    Faith restored in mother, the child happily replied, "Oh, OK."

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