What's your favorite music group that I probably haven't heard of?

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  • PaulJ

    A new british band called The Arctic Monkeys. Also my brothers band- they are called The Velvetines

  • tijkmo

    imaginary friend

  • Sushi Crow
    Sushi Crow

    Kodo. A Japanese taiko drumming troupe (mostly traditional Japanese drumming.) I also like Cyclub, a local hardcore punk band (not my favorite, though.) As you can tell, I don't like a wide variety of music :)

    Sushi Crow

  • Hecklerboy

    Tegan and Sara

    Very cool twin sisters. Great sound.

  • mrsjones5

    How about a one hit wonder? Cockrobin "When your heart is weak"

  • Cygnus

    I know Rasputina pretty well. Those chicks can rock, man. Lots of soul in their playing too, very important to me.

    To answer joel's question, I'd have to answer by: the various incarnations of Ron Hawkins. Not Ronnie Hawkins, but Ron Hawkins from Toronto. He started the Lowest of the Low (and has reunited that band for the past couple of years), went solo, but my favorite time was the late '90s when he was Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails. Just sheer rock&roll brilliance, like he came out of 1957, and you can dance to it!

    Of course my all-time favorite is Jethro Tull, not the Aqualung, Locomotive Breath, Teacher, Living In the Past Tull, but the songs that nobody knows about, or that the band still plays to 6-8,000 people around 200 nights a year. I have seen them 14 times in the last 12 years, driven as far as Detroit from Buffalo to catch them in the grand old Fox Theater downtown. Some of their B-sides and C-sides and D-sides and plumbing even deeper into their recordings is orgasmic to me.

    Edited to add: 25 replies and one topic a day is not enough!

  • HadEnuf

    Tree of Woe ( www.treeofwoe.com ) It's my son's band and they have two CD's out. The second was produced by a member of Caroline's Spine; a group with a platinum record. They are played on a local radio station, 95.5 WIFC here in central WI. It's the biggest rock station in the area. I know, of course, that I am biased...but their music really rocks. (They write all their own stuff).

  • devinsmom

    Hadenuf said:

    I know, of course, that I am biased...but their music really rocks. (They write all their own stuff).

    Shes right people, they rock, Ive been jamming out to their cd all week and the songs keep getting stuck in my head. Thats how I know they RAWK!!!!!


  • prophecor

    That's quite a surprise, Happy Dad. Bootsie's Rubber Band is a bit obscure, for even a lot of black people, much less whites. He was a true original, and quiet as it's kept, he was the funk driving the "Godfather of Souls" rhythm section in the sixties and seventies. Our Illustrious James Brown

  • GetBusyLiving

    Four Tet. All three cd's are amazing.


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