What's your favorite music group that I probably haven't heard of?

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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis
    Cowboy Junkies, great Canadian band

    Saw them about 4 years ago here in metro Detroit. Incredible band. Her voice is beautiful. Very acoustical.

    Aimee Mann. She has been around in some way for years. I hope she continues on for years more. I liked her solo stuff on the Magnolia soundtrack.

    The one I wanted to add. Happy Rhodes. I discovered her by accident at Borders about 8 years ago. Her voice is just so awesome. Another one I discovered recently that I really, really love: Nathan. They do a rendition of My Favorite Things that even my husband loved. I downloaded a bunch of their stuff off of Aol. And also.... Joni Mitchell. I know she isn't necessarily completely unknown, but mostly people tend to think of her in terms of her 60's woodstock stuff. Over the years she completely evolved and has become one of my favorite singers. Oh yeah, one more... Ginger.

    peace and blessings


  • upside/down

    Old School.....Black Oak Arkansas....

    Anybody remember them?

    u/d (of the tends to like mainstream...class)

  • kid-A

    "WEST INDIAN GIRL" awesome!

    "TRANS-AM" shocking and innovative!

    "Beta Band" pure genius!

    "FILM SCHOOL" best debut album in years!

    "Jim Guthrie" great melodies and string arrangements!

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