Do You EVER---Even A Little Bit----Miss Being A Witness???

by minimus 57 Replies latest jw friends

  • mamochan13

    Absolutely not. Not even a teensie-weensie bit.

    Even the so-called friendships were artificial. I like my life now. I'm free!

    I just wish I would have escaped sooner - so many lost years. *sigh*

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    No never. Not even a little bit.

  • FMZ

    Being a JW is good if you like going through life in a haze, looking forward to the end of days. That day will never come, and you'll die missing out on all the fun.


  • Cognitive_Dissident

    Being a JW is fun if you: are really into sadomasochism.

  • Frog

    oh yes tha memories, can't say I miss living in fear, the anxiety attacks, lack of self-worth not being able to measure up to rigid criteria, superficial friendships, feeling numb and isolated, having my mental freedom repressed in every sense, sacrificing my life now for the false hope of eutopia, bs analogies, elders on powertrips, the lies, the shallow reasoning, twisted interpretations, the of the few things in life I can quite comfortably say absolutely NO to, despite my usual never say never policy.

  • Gill

    I miss it like a hole in the head!

    As time goes by, and I feel even freer, I would be willing to say to any JW who asked me if we were going back to the 'truth' that it would be like rolling in crap, after taking a wonderful bath!

    Wow! I love being free of the WTBTS! Sad for the rest though!

  • lilybird

    My in-laws are still staunch JWS, but they don't shun us even though they have been told many times to do so. They asked us to go a memorial about 5 years ago. and we went just out of family togetherness or something like that. I refused to let my kids though. After I sat thru the meeting, I felt so free and happy to not be part of the JW foolishness. People are wasting their lives away waiting for a life that will never come. Its very sad...WE have NEVER gone back to another meeting again...OH also... the elders told my in-laws after that meeting if we wanted to come back, we would have to come and sit at the back of the hall and not talk to anyone until we proved we were truly repentent... YUK

  • LouBelle

    Even though I've only been out for 6 months or so - I don't miss it at all. Even when people that I know deliberately shun me, I just say "thank god' I'm outta there. There isn't enough money in the world to make me go back!

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