Older men dating teenagers/Lolitas

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  • G Money
    G Money

    People always ask what do you talk about or do outside the bedroom with a younger gal. Well, here is what I talk about: Music, movies, weekend activities, as well as going out and doing active things.

    Older women talk about the same things, how they don't like their job, they are getting fat, all the things on their mind. How they just want to go home and rest, they can't snowboard, bike, whatever due to their bad knee, etc.

    It has been proven in psychology that the older you get (from childhood on) the less you laugh and smile.

    I find the attitudes and personalities of many women my age boring, and love the "yes" attitude of young girls as well as their willingness to do or try anything as well as their ability to play sports. I like to go out, have fun, play hard. Some may say I should grow up but why? So I can be 30's, acting like I'm 60's or 70's??? Life is meant to be enjoyed. No, I don't want to sit home, drink wine and watch TV, I'll have plenty of time to do that when I'm 90.

    Ok, now I'll await the onslaught of replies that "I'm not that way and don't know anybody that is." But to that I say BS.

  • SixofNine

    thom's post reminded me of the time a few years ago that I went bowling with my daughter and the girl (a young looking 21, 22? though she'd been married to someone her age already) I was dating at the time. The gentleman in the next lane, a man about my age, caught me between gutter balls, and for whatever reason nodded me over to share pictures in his wallet of his two daughters. As recognition of what he thought washed over me, I quickly figured the only way to play it cool and save embarrassment was to act as if I didn't really think about what he was assuming, and simply compliment him on his kids.

    Unfortunately, lol, my girlfriend saw our exchange, so while I was busy with my next gutterball, she engaged him in conversation about his daughters, and when he said something that let her know he thought she was my daughter, she set him straight on our relationship.

    It's funny, we got a big kick out of it, and he got embarrassed and very apologetic. Looking back, I guess the only reason it wasn't really anything but a laugh to us is that neither of us really took the relationship very seriously, it was just casual dating. We'd been introduced on a job, and she'd asked my friend who introduced us, "why does he have to be so old". Ahhh, romance.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    bowling in Guinea. nice.

  • FlyingHighNow

    It's funny, Andy is a bit younger than me: he was much older than his teens when we met though. But back to the funny: he wants to go out less than me and do less than me socially. We do have a lot in common. That's how we became friends. I would have never dreamt of dating someone this much younger than me. It's he who convinced me that the idea was feasible. I would not have dated him had he been 18 and me 32 when we met though. I really thought there was too big an age difference when we did meet.

    I can understand that there are exceptions where a mature person meets a young adult and it develops into more than a friendship. I am concerned when a mature person seeks only to date someone younger than 18 or even soon after 18. Someone who is in his/her early 20s or less isn't who I am talking about.

    Girls coming onto men, or boys coming onto women? Or even the same sex equal of this? It's up to the adult to back off and do the right thing.

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