Older men dating teenagers/Lolitas

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    I'd say when all body hair, including pubic hair, is considered unattractive, we are probably moving beyond adolescent towards pre-pubescent.

    Just because prepubescent girls have no pubes does not mean that men who like shaved pubes are attracted by prepubescent girls.

    For a start, without making too much of a point about it, a woman's external genitalia differ visually by a lot more than HAIR when compared to a girls.

    Secondly, guys, being visually oriontated, like seeing things. Puffy pouty sticky-out labia are a good thing, they mean a woman is becoming arroused. Ensuring that the labia are visable gives the appearance of sexual arrousal even if there is none. A woman with shaved pubes looks like she is horny, she doesn't look like an eight year-old. Men are dogs; ring ring, drool drool.

    Thirdly, fellatio can result in hair in teeth, cunnilingus more so. Ick!

    Fourthly, there's a lot of sweet sensitive skin under all that hair that expands the canvas one can work with. This can be great fun for 'artist' and 'canvas'...

    Finally, some women like it cause they feel cleaner and fresher without pubes. As do some men. *cough*. Well, they do say practice what you preach...

  • wanderlustguy

    Love the responses to this...I may do more tonight, as I said, limited myself to 30 minutes before so there is a lot I didn't go into. But watching the progression of this twice, once with my mom, and once with the next "wife", there is more to relate than I can readily put into words.


  • Fe2O3Girl

    You are so eloquent!! Fair points, and could be applicable to men as well as you say - so, are Nuts, GQ, or even Men's Health full of tips on back, sack and crack epilation advice?

    Just because prepubescent girls have no pubes does not mean that men who like shaved pubes are attracted by prepubescent girls.

    I didn't mean to imply that they are, any more than men are attracted to over-skinny adolescent girls. OR are they?

    What is your view on why hairy legs and pits are considered unaesthetic?

  • Maverick

    As a JW at age 28 I married a girl 18. It lasted 14 years, most of which time she was unhappy. Since age 42 I have dated women as young at 28 and as old as 62. The older ones where much more fun. My daughter's friends, 18-25 are nice to chat with for about five minutes then they cause this curious reaction, my eyes roll! At age 50 I could have sex with an adult women of just about any age but I would not want to have to spend much time with most of them outside the bedroom. My current GF, like my ex, is ten years younger than me but the difference from 40 to 50 is nowhere close to the difference of 18 to 28.

    I teach Salsa Dancing on the weekends and there are many older men who come to check things out. They all have one thing in common, they only dance with the young hotties, I dance with every woman who is willing, young, old, fat, beautiful, plain. They are all fun. The other instructors hate these old creeps and watch them very closely. We have even thold a few the leave.

  • stevenyc

    The age of breading relationships has changed over the last 100 years or so, as mentioned. Birth mortality rates have plummeted for both mother and child. Before, having a younger wife would have increased the survival chances. Not necessarily only at birth, but through the development of the child (14 years or so). Also, it was also necessary to have more than a 2.5 family because of general mortality rates. The survival of the family tree required larger families.

    We now are living in a time of great prosperity, in terms of food, natural disaster and disease control. (Hey, JDubs, bet you don't agree with that!). Our society is no longer focused on survival. I'm not suggesting that was the only focus for relationships, but it was one of the primary foci. All my grandparents come from families of between 12 and 16 siblings. You can't start that kind of family at 29.

    The changing morality of society is also a factor. This changes, usually following references from outside factors. (One of the reasons that following any ancient text 'word for word' is just plain stupid). In our western philosophy it is now regarded that having a relationship with an emotionally and physically immature person is wrong. I'm sure if we went back to the 'hard days' that would change.

    I personally don't understand why anyone would have a relationship with an adolescent. They bore the f**k out of me after a day. I can't help thinking that there is some father / child relation happening. Or some insecurity on both parties. But that's just me.

    WLG: After reading the posts about your old town, I have to ask, where was the banjo playing albino ?


  • wanderlustguy

    My dad plays the banjo...

    but he's not albino.

  • DannyHaszard

    Danny Haszard's calls the way of the world (and the watchtower world too) the trifecta of the 3 "P"s


    Yes,the mad dash to get an elders appointment was to enjoy the perk of robbing the cradle.

    pssssst,hey all you young babes that married into prestige thinking that jehover is gonna make him young again in six months,get ready to change daddy's diapers.

    Sound terrible for me to say?I almost got caught up in it myself,and came close (age 23) to marrying a deserving pioneer sister TWICE my age.

    It just gives my shivvers to thing about it she would be 71 now and i am 48

    My 'worldly' life partner now is two years younger than me that's just right too.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    There are men and women (without a history of abuse) who get a sexual charge from that kind of scenario, but don't predate or fall victim but rather pursue their fetish in a non-harmful consensual manner with other adults. Sick? Who are they hurting?

    Good post Abbadon, as always. They're not hurting anyone, and I for one cannot sit in judgment.

    My feeling is whatever consensual adults want to do with, or to, each other, no one is hurt and they both enjoy it, well it's is up to them.

  • Abaddon

    Fe203Girl Hyperstimulation

    Hairlessness is a female characteristic when compared to men (having precisely 11 chest hairs I am not representative).

    Thus emphasizing hairlessness underlines femininity, just like a corset emphasizes the waist, another typically female characteristic.

    Women's general ambivalence towards men with lots of hair seems to break this mold; as hairiness is a male charcteristic, surely men should emphasize their body hair to get women hot?

    Outside of teens growing goatees or other wispy and silly looking facial furniture to proclaim their masculinity (they're the man, I could not shave for three weeks and be still only left with a patchy mess not even goateefiable!) we don't really see this. However, remember women are less visual and far more sensible, and hairiness is also redolent of bestial connotations; thus a hairy back is probably one of the ultimate physical turn-offs for a woman, for all it would seem to be a hyperstimulation of attraction to male hairness by women.

    On top of all this we have enculturation, which is capable of overriding a million years of evolution in a single childhood...

    Oh, and hair sticking through panty-hose is one REALLY good reason why many women shave their legs...

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