Your job, what is it, what do people think you do?

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  • Soledad
    People ask me how I can look at people's dirty mouths all day. I tell them I would rather look at that end, than the other end. HL

    I guess your job would be shitty if you had to look at the other end

    I'm a Paralegal. Most people think I'm a banker. Must be the hours.

  • Elsewhere
    I'm a RMT, which is a registered massage therapist.

    OMG... not only are you hot... you know how to help your man relax at the end of a hard day. Damn... you're the perfect woman!

  • damselfly
    Damn... you're the perfect woman!

    It's so true


  • roybatty

    I'm a mechanical engineer (lucky I was smart enough to go to college). People think I drive a train . I now own a small manufacturing company. Anyone need a cool machine built? Custom built time machines are half price this week.

  • karen96

    You all have such interesting jobs! Techinically, I am the president of a web hosting/developing company, but really I do the books for my husbands company (I don't even know how to make a web page!). I am also a full-time mom, which means I work when the kids go to bed. People think I am "just" a stay-at-home mom.


  • GetBusyLiving

    Katie if you were my teacher I'd have a shiny red apple sitting on your desk every morning. I'd flick you with elastic bands when you weren't looking and blame it on the geeky four-eyed kid that's always picking his belly button lint. I'd leave gushing infatuated haiku poems on the back of all my homework assignments.


  • Honesty

    I'm the paperboy. I work for a newspaper publisher in Seattle, WA.

    I also design and manufacture electronic components for medium and long range communication equipment. Some of my products are in Iraq and Afghanistan integrated into equipment on US military vehicles and are in use at 3 or more FOB's (yep, did this while I was a dub but didn't let the ex or any other dub know my products were warfare related).

    I don't mention my work to most people so I don't know what they think. When asked I just say that I'm the paperboy and they usually give me a strange look and change the subject.

  • EvilForce

    I'm a space cadet. I spend most of my day trying to figure out how things work....although I tend to be right more than I guess that's saying something. LOL

    Actually half my day I help people, the other half I spend pushing paper back and forth between the office and insurance companies. The paperwork part of my job truly sucks!

  • tetrapod.sapien
    and blame it on the geeky four-eyed kid that's always picking his belly button lint.

    LOL, that would be me.


  • talesin


    My HS math teacher dressed like a freak. She was a real hippy chick,,, large, dark glasses, waist-length hair, jeans and Indian cotton tops, etc. .... now she is the head of the Board of Education for my region.


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