Did you ever witness someone being escorted out of the KH?

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  • GetBusyLiving

    Hey Tetra, do you remember that crazy guy that would always sit at the front of our old hall with his hand up constantly and answer "blah blah blah.. and that's why Jesus died on a cross!"? I loved that guy.


  • rebel8
    Could they really throw me out if my blouse was decorated with such things such as UN NGO, Silentlambs and of course JWD?

    LOL, that would be so funny!

  • thom

    ---"Every now and then a homeless person or some poor people would come in hoping they could be helped. Every time they were either sent right back out the door or the cops were called to take them away.
    I was always so embarrassed when they did that to people in need."---
    That would happen at the cong I went to in Kentucky. But the brothers would drive the person to the Salvation Army. I thought that was really strange, I thought "we" weren't supposed to be involved with other religious orgs, but that's what they did.
    Actually, I think it was a reasonably nice thing to do, just was very surprised that they did that.

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    Hmmm...what exactly IS the legal position here? If the WTS actually owns the KHs, as debated on some other threads I have read, then its private property I imagine, and they can do pretty much whatever they want. But for some reason I keep thinking that any religous group has an expectation of walk-in visitors, from a legal standpoint, like open door policy. Probably an all around bad idea, but I have entertained some fanciful notions of walking into the KH and disrupting everything in some dramatic way, then dragging my wife out the door while yelling something about my right as head of household to stall any aggressive types...hehe.

  • HappyDad

    It's my understanding that they are not allowed to physically "grab" you with their hands. But they can surround you and "body block" you until the police come..

    Is anyone up to date on this?


  • JH
    they are not allowed to physically "grab" you with their hands

    No, but they can ask a heavy sister to sit on him.....

  • ButtLight

    Omg, jh, thats too funny! If she sat on their face, it would be murder!

  • Oroborus21


    Kingdom Halls are private property to which the public has an open invitation to visit during public meetings.

    As such anyone for any reason can have such "invitation" revoked and "asked to leave." (Of course, being asked to leave because you had a silentlambs.org written across your chest would be controversial and probably effective since some would be intrigued and go to the website).

    In practice, unless you are obvisiously a protester, a no-goodnick or stinky and thus likely to be offensive to others from the git-go, no one, even a person dressed in jeans and a black leather jacket is not going to be turned away at the door. (BTW you might be able to get away with a subtle message or even a website address if the bros there are naive about it.)

    But anyone who during the meeting causes a "disturbance" will be asked to leave.

    Unless the person presents a danger to others, or is just raving at the top of their voice, it is unlikely, THESE DAYS, that the bros will lay a finger upon the person after having requested them to leave but rather they will call the police and have the police remove the person. (This is pretty much the policy that developed during the 90s for Assemblies.) The Society doesn't want to risk litigation and so it has given strict counsel to the brothers not to forcibly remove someone if it can be avoided.


  • garybuss

    I was at a Watchtower study in a rented hall in a small town where two pioneers were living and trying to begin a congregation. There was maybe 20 people there and one of the pioneers had invited one of his studies, a dumptruck driver with no front teeth. When one of the Fred Franz type anti type questions was asked, the guy raised his hand and was called on. His answer was "Who gives a shit?".
    I laughed and laughed. I wasn't the only one. I was thinking just what the guy said. He wasn't asked to leave.
    I've never seen anybody escorted out of a meeting. My 3 year old son and I were escorted away (belly bushed) from a candy vending machine at a district assembly.

  • GetBusyLiving

    :His answer was "Who gives a shit?".

    LMFAO!! That would have been priceless Gary, lol.


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