Did you ever witness someone being escorted out of the KH?

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  • JH

    Did it ever happen in your congregation that a person was asked to leave?

    I remember about 10 years ago, an elder was giving the Sunday talk, and a woman that I never saw before was seated in the front. She was all alone, and right in the middle of the brothers talk, she raised her hand and started asking questions to the brother about what he just said. The brother was talking about the annointed ones, and she didn't know what that word meant, so she was interrupting the brother throughout his talk. Not long after, 2 brothers came along and escorted her out of the hall...

    Anybody else witness anything like this?

  • ButtLight

    Yes, it was like yours, but at the memorial, a guy kept yelling out questions, so the sent him out the door LOL

  • Satanus

    A guy sitting in the middle of the front row got up during a talk about healing and said, 'That's not true, tod, jesus healed my tooth. He healed my tooth.' Four ms's stood up and surrounded this guy. They escorted him out the door. This guy had been talking w the speaker before the talk.


  • lonelysheep

    What would happen if someone simply refused to leave?

    Would they physically drag my azz out of there?

    Would they call the police? Would their reason be "disturbing the peace" or trespassing? It is public afterall, so anyone can go. I can't see someone saying to the police, "She has to go because she doesn't agree with us" when simply sitting alone minding my business.

    Could they really throw me out if my blouse was decorated with such things such as UN NGO, Silentlambs and of course JWD?

  • RichieRich

    There ws a brother with mental problems who would sometimes do really weird things. One time he got drug out by 2 big MSs. I remember because he grabed my chair (end seat) as they drug him out.

    Good times.

    He got DFed, and used to come to the weekday meetings for field service. They would call the cops on him.

  • luna2

    There was once a woman...mentally disturbed...who came to the KH in her jeans, flannel shirt and manure-covered rubber boots (her husband was a country vet), carrying her little dog. She didn't get the bum's rush, but the PO did escort her outside and talked her into going home. I think he told her she couldn't bring her doggie to the meeting.

    Another time a guy interrupted the meeting, yelling and waving a plastic grocery bag. This was scary because not long before there'd been an incident where a KH had been blown up by a disgruntled husband or something. A group of brothers surrounded him and got him outside.

  • Rayvin

    I somtimes have daydreams of going to a KH meeting and during the question part of the watchtower asking a big question or answering in a certain way as to stump them. But I am to shy/scared

    What if it was just a guy wanting to know about the religion and didn't know how the meetings were supposed to go?

    I too am curious of what they would do if one was to show up in a silent lambs shirt and just be there quietly. HHhhhmmm.. passive aggressive is in my blood line!!!!

  • Rayvin

    OH.. sorry..

    To answer your question. No - nothing that exciting do i remember happening. I heard alot of rumours but never witnessed one.

  • ohiocowboy

    At the hall that I grew up in, at one of the Sunday meetings, our new circuit overseer was on the platform introducing himself. He then mentioned his wife, and told about how she was from Germany. Just then, a guy who was at the meeting for the first time, stood up and yelled "Sh'es a Kr*ut"! Then he yelled it again. 4 Brothers then got up and escorted him out the doors. The C.O. made a joke about it, everyone laughed, then the C.O. went back to what he was talking about, and then it got boring again...

  • Elsewhere

    Every now and then a homeless person or some poor people would come in hoping they could be helped. Every time they were either sent right back out the door or the cops were called to take them away.

    I was always so embarrassed when they did that to people in need.

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