Did you ever witness someone being escorted out of the KH?

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  • undercover
    they are not allowed to physically "grab" you with their hands

    Well, I saw someone physiclly removed from a hall.

    A disturbed individual came into the hall one Sunday morning before the meeting started, dressed in a skirt or kilt and carrying a log over his shoulder. He walked right in and just kept going up the aisle to the platform. He walked right be me and I was so shocked I just watched him go on up, not sure what to do. He stepped up to the podium and(the mic was already on) started talking in some gibberish. Two elders, one of whom was pretty big, ran up to the platform and each grabbed an arm and literally carried him out. His feet didn't touch the ground until he was dumped in the parking lot.

  • Vassago

    My grandmother was physically removed by to elders.

    They don't care!!!

    She was a tall skinny lady, but she put up a huge fight.

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