Did you ever witness someone being escorted out of the KH?

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  • Frog

    The cong I was last in in Melbourne was fall of all sorts of kookey people who'd walk in from off the street (the kh was right in the heart of the red light district!). I used to love the many interuptions we'd get, you never knew what quite what to expect, and sure made a good break away from the constant drone of blahblahblah coming from off the platform:)) We had quite a few escorted down to the backroom where they're ravings couldn't interupt the drull proceedings. Frog x

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes an apostate turned up and drank virtually the whole glass of wine at the memorial

  • JH
    Yes an apostate turned up and drank virtually the whole glass of wine at the memorial

    Bad bad apostate

  • troucul

    Gary, my wife peed her pants at your reply.

    no escorts out of the Putnam CT congo, although there was this awkward situation where this old woman accused this cardboard cutout of a watchtower study conductor of purposely not calling on her for the sake of continuity. "You're not calling on me for a reason, and I demand to know why!!!!"---it was some old coot who was the unbelieving mother of the visiting speaker. He just ignored her and continued on with the study. It's interesting how things become funny in hindsight.

  • devinsmom

    I didnt witness it but someone I know very well was asked to leave, refused and then had the cops escort him out, after which he was banned from ever coming back.


  • DanTheMan
    I was at a Watchtower study in a rented hall in a small town where two pioneers were living and trying to begin a congregation. There was maybe 20 people there and one of the pioneers had invited one of his studies, a dumptruck driver with no front teeth. When one of the Fred Franz type anti type questions was asked, the guy raised his hand and was called on. His answer was "Who gives a shit?".

    That is the best Kingdom Hall story I have ever heard.

  • jgnat

    Yes, a mentally disturbed young man (a study for one of the pioneers) started giving inappropriate answers. "...and then they will all go to HELL!" He had been carefully monitored throughout the visit and with THAT he was encouraged to leave. I didn't see him again until the memorial.

    He looks like a very unhappy young man. I don't think the JW's help him sort out delusion from reality AT ALL.

  • zulukai

    When I was a teenager in a very active KH someone brought an "interested" woman with two little kids to the Watchtower study and part way through, to our shocked amazement, the woman began to yell and rave and rock back and forth. Her little ones began to cry and the older one was begging her mother: "Please mom...please mom, don't do this again, don't talk like that here." It was awful. Here's all the dubs sitting around in slack-jawed horror until a couple of elders got their wits together and tried to gently lead her out. She nearly threw those guys around like they were dishmops before they got her out into the street where she was forced into a car and taken home never to be seen at the hall again.
    In contrast, I attended a church supper with a work colleague where during the slide show of their missionary's travels two old, grimy homeless people crept into the back room where the food had been set out. Two ladies got up and just as gracious as can be filled plates for these guys like they were guests of honour, sat them at a nicely prepared table and sat with them quietly chatting away. Choked me up! Don't think that would ever happen at a KH

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I was about 12, when a man towards the back of the hall, 2 rows behind me, got up, and started reading from a big black Bible. He had a very loud booming voice. He had on a black suit. I remember him making high gestures with his arm. Elders came and dragged him out. He yelled the whole way. When I saw the movie Poltergist, the old man in the suit reminds me of him, everytime I watch it.

    Mom wispered that he was demonized. There was a long prayer after he left. I don't remember what they said, but I remember it was a VERY long prayer. HL

  • keeshah
    If she sat on their face, it would be murder!

    Buttlight... ummm... I think it would also be "fornication". I smell a JC meeting!

    I vaguely remember some yelling coming from the library. It was between the elder's and a "weak" brother. Nothing exciting...

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