What is a 'Momma's Boy'...

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    ...and is it a bad thing?

  • JH

    Women always like hearing a potential mate speak about his mother in a caring and respectful manner. In fact, men who have a good relationship with their mothers tend to be more understanding and respectful toward women, and we ladies know that.

    However, a man who talks a little too much about his mother will raise a "mama's boy" flag in any woman's mind.

    Here are some of the reasons why women don't like mama's boys and solutions to how a man can keep both his mother and lover happy.

    women like men
    Just like men fantasize about nurses or French maids, women fantasize about firemen and policemen; men who display strength, power and masculinity.

    If a sexy fireman had to check with his mother every time he took off his clothes for a girl, his sex appeal would definitely fade. Women generally like strong men who aren't intimidated or easily influenced by other people.

    The thing is, mama's boys often fulfill their mother's every wish, especially the most unreasonable ones, and that's where the problems start.

    If a man lives out his mother's every wish, chances are that he will not make decisions with his spouse without his mother's approval. It is hard enough to share decisions as a couple, so it is rare that a woman will tolerate a third person intervening in her relationship with her man. When a girl is 12 and her boyfriend can't go out because his mother doesn't approve, it is okay because he is still a child. When that boy becomes a man and his mother still rules his life, most women aren't that understanding.

    women want to be #1
    If a woman shares a man's bed, she probably won't settle for a number two position in his life.

    It is normal and expected that a man will treat his mother on her birthday, Mother's Day, or on any other celebration. However, if a man always puts his mother before his girlfriend, no matter what the occasion, chances are his girlfriend will end up resenting him and eventually leave him. The main reason why women don't give the mama's boy a chance is that competing with the woman who gave birth to him just isn't an option.

    When a mother-in-law is too much in the picture, it can make a woman feel like she isn't doing a good job at keeping her man happy since he still has another "woman" doting on him. Women like to know they're making their men happy. They don't want to hear that they can't cook or can't do things as well as their lover's mother.

    If your mommy still does your laundry, cleans your room and cooks all your meals, you may be scaring women away... Next >>

  • kls

    JH , that is mommas boy to the extreme . Yes i guess in some ways my son's are mommas boys but not to the extreme and it is nothing i did or at least intended to happen but they call me when they are sick or need to talk over a problem and if they don't hear from me in days ,they get upset. After my newborn grandson died it hit me really hard and wound up in the ER with chest pain which my oldest son had to drive me . After that he was calling me 3 to 4 times a day until i said " Son i love you dearly but live your live and i am fine and all growed up"that the the worst my kids have gotten but their girlfriends always say my sons are momma boys , but yet so are their friends and girlfriends. My kids past EXs that they haven't seen in years still call me for help or advise or just to say they love me . So being a mommas boy's mom has it's perks

  • prophecor
    ...and is it a bad thing?

    Only if he's your husband. Then, one day, reality hits him square in the face and he finds that he's married to his mother

  • kls
    Only if he's your husband.

    Prop ,my son is getting married next May to the same girl he has been with for 8 years so i think she is ok with it

  • mrsjones5

    I once dated a Momma's Boy whose mother was dead.

    Yeah it was weird.


  • mrsjones5

    I have 3 sons. When they all arrive safely to adulthood I dont want to be a Momma's Boy Momma. I dont want to be that involved with their personal lives especially when it comes to whatever relationships they have with women.


  • Mecurious?

    Yea, its rough being a momma's boy. Oh well, I got to go my mommy is calling!

  • Elsewhere

    Momma's Boy =

  • Mecurious?

    Yep, elsewhere thats me!

    I see I've had people fooled here for quite a while!

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