could i be preggers???....or just sick?

by kittyeatzjdubs 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • lilbit

    Did she go to get the test yet?

  • LyinEyes

    LOL @ Eleswhere, that is too cute.

    Waiting for your period to come may not be accurate either. My neice had a period , her periods are out of whack anyway, and she WAS pregnant. The period was lighter , but she just had a feeling something may not have been right . She is 6 weeks.

    I would get the test just to know, they are pretty cheap now, at the Dollar Tree store in our Mall, you can get one for a buck,,,,,,,,,no joke.

  • Country_Woman

    you can even have your periods while you pregnant - I read in the paper that a woman got a baby which completely surprised her and her family.....

    a test would do the trick........

  • Ellie

    I wouldn't leave it too long before you take the test, if you are pregnant you will need to start taking folic acid asap.

  • confusedjw

    Okay, now I'm just plain getting worried.


  • Es

    You may be, its funny when i was prego i was vomitting for 5 months but never when i was cooking or preparing meals, it was only after eating them. Alot of symptoms for prego can be symptoms for other things trust me i have a phantom prego every couple of months which turns out to be nothing. All the best Let us know es

  • misspeaches

    well is there going to be a new baby JWDer joining our ranks or what?!?

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    sorry for skipping out on you guys. i still haven't taken a test yet. my period is due around wednesday this week. if nothing happens...then i'll go take the test. here's another scary thing. i can't stand chinese food...

    i'm going to get chinese food for lunch today...i've been craving it allll weekend.

    luv, jojo

    p.s. cute elsewhere!

  • confusedjw
  • lonelysheep

    LOL Confused JW! So true!

    i'm going to get chinese food for lunch today...i've been craving it allll weekend.

    And you don't like it? I'll be waiting to hear your result.

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