What musical instrument do you play?

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  • the_classicist
    I think clarinets should all be burned. Who plays a clarinet after band and how many young people were turned off from music after being handed a clarinet?

    Bah! Only people who can't play the clarinet with skill and finesse would say that.

    For a clarinet to sound good, you have to be gentle, yet firm as if you were making love to a beautiful woman.

  • Terry

    I longed to play the piano as a child. I'd feel a magnetic pull whenever I was around a neighbor's piano. Most kids are forced to take lesson; but, I couldn't beg them from my parents. We didn't have an instrument of any kind in the house.

    When I was a teen I bought a toy chord organ about an octave and a half with plastic keys. I played the chord and tried to find the notes that matched the sound.

    I eventually figured out what chords were. Then, I would put melody to the chords and tried arpeggiating as I played.

    When I went to prison for two years (the Viet Nam "Neutrality Issue") I would sneak into the Catholic chapel instead of going to the Mess Hall for dinner. I'd try teaching myself piano. I took the Kingdom Songs book and tried to puzzle out the arrangements. By the time I left prison I had a half-assed self-taught style of piano playing.

    At the Kingdom Hall I'd go in before the meetings and memorize the song that would be scheduled. The Congregation Overseer would ask me to play the accompaniment when the regular pianist wasn't there.

    Years later when Synthesizers became available with the computer hook-up to record and layer sounds I went at it with full enthusiasm. I taught myself orchestration and arrangements. I sent demos to Tv and Radio stations as well as movie producers. Gradually I got hired for little jobs here and there. There was a PBS documentary and several independant films that followed.

    Randy Watters has some of my music up on his Freeminds website.


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I'm with Mulan. I played violin. I was once quite good. Played in assemblys orchestra. Didn't take it with me when I moved away from parents. Mom gave it away. HL

  • Dan-O

    I play the radio. And the CD player. And that little 12 key xylaphone that we bought the kids when they were toddlers. Outside of that, the only music I make is after eating beans.

  • Evanescence
    I spent many many years peforming on the cello before becoming a witness at 18 and being encouraged to quit all my symphony associations etc which I obediently did.

    Oh oh! Cello??? can you play the cello in the song "hello" be Evanescence?????

    Well I can play Guitar, piano and I sing. But my main instrument is Guitar!


  • sonnyboy

    I played the disgusting trumpet. I still have nightmares about the spit valve...

    I'm surprised no one's said skin flute yet. LOL

  • blondie

    Piano--since the age of 3




  • kwintestal

    I played the violin for 2 years. Everyone involved was much happier when I stopped. I was awful.


  • foreword

    Yeah music...sigh....It's probably the only thing I could do in this world 24 / 7 without ever getting bored with. Since it doesn't allow for much of a living, I always put it aside. I've got drawers full of little tidbits of original stuff I've put together.

    Of course, in the late 70's, music was taboo in the witnesses. However I have done quite a bit of recording back then with only a 2 track reel to reel. Guitar, bass, and some piano. It was fun, gave me an outlet from the insane and boring world of the witnesses. I used to record sort of waltzes for witnesses that would get married and used as the first dance of the reception. I always got good reviews from them......

    Oh well, back to my boring job...LOL

  • foreword

    sorry, double post

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