Attn Unbeleiving Mates (ubm's): "I'm a dub! I'm right! Join or who cares!"

by Check_Your_Premises 71 Replies latest jw friends

  • Check_Your_Premises

    I gave her the letter.

    It went pretty well. She cried some, and acknowledged what a raw deal it all is for me. Hopefully she will start talking to me more about these things, instead of me just coming to her.

    That is really all I was after.

    Thanks all for your input.


  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    Wow, that took brass ones, in my opinion CYP. I fear to confront my wife too much, thinking it will drive her further into the WTS. Here's hoping it brings good results for you. Maybe I will do something similar...

    AATW, of the 'wants to confront his wife more but isn't sure he should' class

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