How can people like Def'd stick around here?

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  • ithinkisee

    How can people like Defd be here and see all the blatant lies by the Society and still accept it?

    607 BC and 1914 are based on complete falsehood, and are only borrowed from the Adventists and Millerites. Secular history and archeology actually agrees with the Bible 100% on this one - 586/87 was the year the temple was destroyed in Jerusalem.

    Who do you choose when they differ? Governing Body? or the Bible?

    The Trinity brochure took almost all of their sources out of context. There is a list of many of them here: ( The Society also misquoted the early church fathers from the 2nd and 3rd centuries. The same guys that determined what books went in the Greek Scriptures also (coincidentally) believed that Jesus was God, that he died on a cross, and that the holy spirit was a person.

    Who do you choose when they differ? Governing Body? or the Bible?

    This decision is hard - especially when you are told at the District Convention that "Even if you don't agree with the decisions by the elders or Society", "even if what the Governing Body tells you doesn't appear to make sense", you are to OBEY them! Do not question.

    Doesn't that scare you?

    The last few circuit overseers down here that have come through have made comments like, "If you are feeling weak spiritually, get closer to the Faithful and Discreet slave. Trust them completely."

    Where is Jesus in this equation? Where is even Jehovah for that matter? (In spite of Psalm 146:3)

    One of the trademark traits of cults is that "the leaders claim to be the sole mouthpiece to God, and eventually become God."

    Is that not what the Governing Body has become? The sole mouthpiece for God? To disobey the Governing Body is to disobey God? Is that not true?


  • mrsjones5

    I think they have a sick need to be a whipping boy. Makes them feel better and comfirms in their mind that they have the "truth".

  • googlemagoogle

    that's normal on the way out. first you feel the need to be apolegetic about the org, but that is already the first step to freedom. just wait and see.

  • sonnyboy

    For the abundance of attention?

  • googlemagoogle

    within the org it's impossible to talk about real issues. that's why people come to boards like this.

    defd can't talk openly in the congregation. he's got things to chew on but is not allowed to express them. he is allowed though here. and one day he'll be looking back and hope he could delete all his old posts. or he choses a new user name and writes a new introduction post.

  • luna2

    I think it's good that def'd and others like him post here. It's good to remember how we once thought ...even though it can be frustrating to try to break through the hard candy WTS shell to reach the tootsie roll center. I have faith that we'll get there lick at a time.

    I imagine he enjoys being the devil's advocate...for the attention, for the mental stimulation, for the fun of winding people up, and for the thrill of dancing as close as he can to the fire without being consumed.

  • sonnyboy
    that's normal on the way out.

    I did the same thing on a predominantly atheist board a couple years ago. I was trying to convince them that there was a God.

    Now that I think about it, I was trying to convince myself that there was a God. Defd is probably doing the same thing with the JWs...trying to convince himself they'll lead him to salvation, but deep down he knows it to be a lie.

  • coffee_black

    When it came right down to it, this was the issue that caused me to leave.

    My dedication was to Jehovah...not an organization of men. My loyalty was to God...not men... So when it became clear that what the watchtower said was different from what the Bible said... the choice was obvious. When it became clear that the fds was demanding loyalty that belongs only to God...the choice was clear.

    I have never regretted leaving the organization for one single second.


  • wanderlustguy

    I think Googlemagoogle has it right on. It's just a matter of time. Remember how long it took some of us to accept the real truth? I defended it up until December of last year...after being inactive for 8 years...

  • ithinkisee

    Heh ... actually now that I think about it I did post a few apologetic styled posts. Not to the extent Defd does ... but just more sympathetic.


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