How can people like Def'd stick around here?

by ithinkisee 33 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    I have a theory about defd, at least, it may apply to a few others as well. Forgive me if this is a known thing already, but I suspect defd is DF'ed...thus the name. If I am right, he is being shunned, and misses being part of the collective. I think whoever said he enjoyed being a "whipping boy" was spot on, too. Combining that with my own theory, I get the picture of someone who comes here because there are a lot of ex dubs here, which is the closest he can get to hanging out with real dubs, and as penitence for whatever he did to get DF'ed, he takes on the Herculean task of arguing with everybody here with no chance of winning...and hopefully getting back into Jehovah's good graces by doing so. Also, having everybody here lash out at his antics gives him a sense of validation because he 'knows' that "now since you have the truth, you will be persecuted".

    Just a theory...I could be way off base, but it would sure explain a few things, like why a faithful dub would hang out on an apostate board, strictly against directions from the elders of the [Viet] Cong-gregation.

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    vietcongregation LMAO Now thats funny! Never heard that one before but im going to remember that one, if I can stop laughing.


  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    Glad you like it, its my own personal invention. After reading many other posts here where people 'spoofed the troof', I caught on pretty quick and thought that one up. That was the first time I actually used it though.

  • anewme

    He is not supposed to talk with us or associate with us. When I was a Witness it was so wrong to view these websites! You know dfd, Jehovah is watching you! Sooner or later you will be found out and you will have to answer for your time spent here. The rules are pretty plain little buddy.
    You will be reproved.

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