How can people like Def'd stick around here?

by ithinkisee 33 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • M.J.

    Just give him time. Exposure to facts that disrupt your constructed reality + time takes its toll.

  • HappyDad


    I agree with your comment 100%......

    However: Defd is really annoying, and this is the reason: He comes on, spews some JW-propaganda, and then he just leave! People ask him honest, good and logical questions, but he just refuse to answer them. And that`s just really pissing me off, cause it`s so typical JW, you ask them a question, they can`t answer, but are unable to see the significance of the fact that they can`t answer! That makes me so mad and frustrated I just wanna bang my head in a brick wall.

    ........but...........wouldn't it be a lot more fun to bang defd head in the brick wall?


  • defd

    I answer people's questions. Just not the one's I KNOW to be just for argument sakes.

  • EvilForce

    You still haven't answered mine....and it wasn't for argument's sake.

  • Hellrider

    And you haven`t answered Annies/Sunspots question either, in those two other threads. So tell us, DefD, what is an appropriate question, by your standards?

  • ezekiel3

    defd says: please i dont not want ot talk to any apostates or disfellowshipped people...Only faithful witness in good standing id talk to. And i will know whos who in a matter of time


  • daystar


    So tell us, DefD, what is an appropriate question, by your standards?

    One which plays into being directed to a JW doctrine. If it doesn't, then it's irrelevant, apostate, or otherwise intentionally argumentative. JWs no like real challenges.

  • Hellrider

    Daystar, Ezekiel

  • Hellrider

    Daystar, Ezekiel:

    LoL, yes, I know. And anything that goes "outside" JW doctrine/belief system: "There are some things God has yet to reveal to us! Perhaps we will know in the new world!. Until then, obey Gods words!" That`s what my mom used to say(I assume she meant the WTb&ts` words) . So ridicolous. Anyway: If that`s your attitude DefD, then this isn`t the place for you. We discuss pretty much everything here, and if you`re not going to contribute, just sod off.

  • Ticker

    Oh well, I think in some ways it's good to have both elements on this board. It shows that people are begining to use their autonomy a little more, even if it is in a very basic sence. They are attempting to support their belief structure even in the blast of overwhelming evidence to the contrares of what they have been persauded to personally accept. It's not a bad thing and it actually shows they have character, but the key is that they may be open minded enough to accept the reality and the truth about the concepts they believe. If in the light of evidence they continue to support beliefs that have clearly beyond the point of doubt been proven false, then that equates to ignorance.

    My hope is that ones like def'd and others in similar mindsets may accept the fact that they have been misled in their beliefs on the bible, and don't fall into the trap of ignorance by continuing to support thoese beliefs against all sound reasoning. I think everyone here no matter how prolonged their exposure to the truth about the Watchtower, cannot leave without their conscience being stirred into action. When you realize you were duped into a system of lies built upon lies to support lies, the amounts of lives destroyed, casualties, and victims due to man made doctrines, you cannot have your eyes opened and continue in support of such a corrupt system without your conscience bothering you continuously.

    If one did continue to support such a defunked system then one would have to sell out their very being and become a mere shell clothed in Watchtower hypocrisy. I don't believe one could continue in such a mindless and unfullfilling course without feeling personal deficiency. Look at Ray and how it bothered him to the point of madness to even continue to accept or support such a contaminated belief system as put forth by the GB. I much the same was very bothered by what I discovered and could never accept or be part of the Watchtower mandate again.

    I also believe that both sides being present on this board gives up ample opportunity to hone our anti-watchtower and corruption exposure skills to their higher levels of effectiveness.


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