Defd, why are you being so mean?

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  • Elsewhere

    It is possible to express one's thoughts and ideas without being so mean to others.

  • Billygoat


    Actually, I'm a little sympathetic towards the fellow. You can see him struggling. He knows what the Bible says, he's done his research, and he's realizing what he sees in the congregation isn't matching their very own teachings. I think this is the beginning of cognitive dissonance for him. Back when I went through it, it was very hard because I had to balance what my critical mind was showing me, yet I still had the knee-jerk reactions of a typical dub. It's hard to overcome those "tapes" that are drilled into you after so many years. I still battle them on occassion. Someone said it teasingly in another thread, but there is a tinge of truth to it: critical thinking is a really scary thing to someone in a cult. They see one thing, but are being taught another.

    Personally, I have high hopes for defd. He is much like I was 15 years ago when I left. Sensitive, compassionate, intelligent and thoroughly confused. Ultimately it was the lack of love, honesty and integrity that made me realize these are not "God's people". Their actions did not match the Bible. I have a feeling he may be finding some of these same twinges of confusion.


  • Honesty

    Defd will eventually realise that his denial of the reality and the overwhelming evidence he sees at his local Kingdom Hall and in the WT publications can only be reconciled when he does the same as many of us here have done at the cost of our dear family and friends who are still trapped by demonic JW cult. Until then, we need to offer defd our compassion and lift him up in our prayers that he will break free from the tightening noose around his neck. It is very hard to come to grips with the reality that the WTBTS and its Governing Body is not the benevolent organisation it portrays itself to be. It is even harder to have the courage to speak out against the WTBTS's injustice because by doing so he will unfortunately alienate himself from the only security he has in his life, the WTBTS that he so adores and unknowingly worships just as he would God.

  • not the administrator
    not the administrator

    i like dfed and i think he says things that make sense. i think the jws are the closest to being the true religion when you compare them to other organized religion. its like lifting weights, everyone knows that if they lifted weights or worked out everyday that that would be good for them make them a better person but most people are to lazy to go and do it or make excuses why they shouldn't or cant.

    i kind of hope the jws are right and that Armageddon hits right after my ass dies from natural causes but then again who would want to live forever with all those assholes? who knows

  • jaffacake

    I think Defd is a good guy. We are all at different places in our journey through life. I know many on this board are still hurting, but it would be good if we could try to be a bit more thick skinned. Many of us post stuff that upset others, and perhaps we should give those still JWs more, not less, tolerance. I may have missed it but I haven't seen a real offensive post by Defd.

  • defd

    A thread just about me. WOW. I must be very popular. Billy you couldnt be farther away from the truth about me or the future of me with the Witness. I will NEVER leave the truth. I have realized that the people do not practice what is being taught to them by the FS. Some do. As for the ones who do, i will contemplate thier course and imitate!

  • Daunt

    I somewhat agree that the JW's have it closer than most religions (This being said by a person that doesn't really care to learn about other christian religions) but I don't know if that's all that great of a compliment. We all know how messed up the WTS is, that can't help the credibility of the bible all that much.

  • defd

    How have I been mean? Look at the posts ya'll made concerning me. Billy made some pretty mean comments. Im simply stating my opinions and thoughts, the same as everyone else here(minus the vulgarity).

  • 144001
    I have realized that the people do not practice what is being taught to them by the FS. Some do. As for the ones who do, i will contemplate thier course and imitate!

    How sad that one's goal in life is to "imitate" others. Pathetic.

  • wanderlustguy
    I will NEVER leave the truth.

    This is probably the most true statement you've said...

    Hope you have the strength when you consciously recognize what you already know in you heart.

    There is a difference between truth and The Truth.

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