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  • stuckinarut2
    If birthday cakes make you squirm uncomfortably.....
  • KillerJones
    If you think all versions of the IPhone belong to the same 'generation' might be a JW.
  • John_Mann
    If you know the addresses of all of your schoolmates with the intent to avoid them you probably are a jw.
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    If you think highlighting sentences in a paragraph is "studying"  . . . You Might Be A JW.

    If you've ever pretended to tie your shoe while someone's giving a toast . . . You Might Be A JW.

    If you're an "ordained minister" but you can't even name the twelve apostles . . . You Might Be A JW.

    If you bring up the topic of beheadings during your coworkers birthday party . . . You Might Be A JW.

  • galaxie
    If you believe your great grandaddy, grandad , dad , yourself and your child are of the same are definately a governing body aka faithful and discreet slave...boot licker !!
  • Splash

    If your best friend of many years suddenly grows a beard and you instantly grow suspicious of him - You are a JW.

    If you try to redefine well understood words such as "generation", "rulership" or "career" - You are a JW.

    If you know what leukocytes are but never went to school beyond 16 - You are a JW.

    If you can stare a fact in the face yet still convince yourself it's not true - You are a JW.

    If you use the phrase "that makes sense to me" more than once per week - You are a JW.

    If your idea of a fun day at the beach involves being dressed in long trousers - You are a JW.

    If you've lost your car keys and you think the best way of finding them is by saying a prayer - You are a JW.

    If you have sung the same song every month for 20 years but still don't know the words by heart - You are a JW.

  • sowhatnow

    you might be a JW

    If every  teenage private conversation with your mother ends in this advice

    'well pray on it, Jehovah will give you the answer' [and she gives you little if any advice, basically because shes clueless]

    If every time you go into the ladies handbag section of a department store you make sure the handbag you look at had a place for all those 'tracts' and a bible.

    If you never went into the store called   'hot topic'   or  Victoria's secret

    If every car you bought had to be 'good for service'

  • stuckinarut2

    These comments are hilarious!

    Splash, you crack me up!

  • pixel

    If you are a Christian and you got men instead of Jesus as your mediator, You are a JW.

    Edit: Good one KillerJones!

  • jw07

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