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  • wannabefree

    I listened to the program.

    Overall the new plan seems to be reasonable, what they never address is the actual motive.

    My thoughts as I listened ....

    They are spending a considerable amount of time preparing the audience by warning them about the scriptural reasons not to complain.  They must have anticipated that it would be hard to sell.

    (some of the background music in the videos seemed hypnotic)

    They have become landlords and if they haven't completed the property takeover yet of all of the Kingdom Halls in the U.S. this helps achieve that goal.

    Local congregations are just renters now.  The property belongs to the Society and will be rented into perpetuity.

    That they are no more than renters is evident by the fact that the Organization will make all decisions (other than perhaps some local decoration options) ... they will decide if a congregation needs a new hall or a remodel or nothing at all, they will decide the location and acquire property ... the elder's will be appeased by allowing them to make suggestions, but they will ultimately have no final say.

    The congregation will have the blessing of providing for the material needs/cost of this LDC crew that will come and make preparations.  Although, in my mind, if everybody is now renting until time indefinite, why are these expenses not just covered by the rental pool?

    And, further emphasizing the fact that they are renters without actually stating it,  they finish by telling about the great privilege each congregation will have with standardized preventative maintenance schedules and how the Organization will train each congregation how to properly maintain the property for the landlord.


    Towards the beginning there was a comment made about how there were interested ones that lost interest once they visited the Kingdom Hall ... then towards the end it was commented that these new attractive Halls may attract interested ones ... and I'm wondering, if God is supposedly drawing somebody who has the right heart condition by means of His Spirit how does this make sense?

  • wannabefree

    Something else I couldn't help but wonder about ....

    The speech by His Holiness Lett was prerecorded.

    With how these guys seem to get themselves in trouble in live performances, I wonder if they will try to prerecord future talks of these guys since they are now in the limelight more that ever so they can be edited and controlled.

  • Finkelstein

    Could the new HQ in Wallkill designed and recently built have inspired a new approach to how newly built Kingdom Halls should look. ?  

     The modernization of the new complex from what the organization had in Brooklyn may have spurred on this new approach to upscale (supposedly) needed Kingdom Halls.

    The WTS has always been real estate savvy right back to Rutherford's days and all through the organizations existence in Brooklyn New York.  


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    wannabefree:  With how these guys seem to get themselves in trouble in live performances, I wonder if they will try to prerecord future talks of these guys since they are now in the limelight more that ever so they can be edited and controlled.

    I was thinking the same thing.  However, no matter how much doctoring and editing the producers do GB Lett still comes across as a circus clown! :) :) :) :)

  • OnTheWayOut

    Against better judgement to just not bother, I viewed some of this video.  
    OMFG!  They are really becoming the McDonalds Real Estate Corporation of United States Religion.

    They throw out numbers about nearly 1000 KH's with 4 to 6 congregations per auditorium as if that automatically qualifies the situation as "critical."  They state that this situation is negatively impacting meeting attendance and restricting growth.  Now that sounds logical, and I am sure they could provide a few examples.  But no proof is offered that this is a system-wide problem.  It just may be that poor people in Los Angeles would rather know that 4 or 5 other congregations are aiding them to contribute toward the maintenance of a single auditorium rather than "Mother" asking each congregation to pony up thousands of dollars per month.  And they don't offer the proposal that many of these congregations could combine to meet together, so that two half-filled auditorium Sunday meetings could become one full auditorium meeting.  

    They stress a tremendous amount of funds and work needed, including full-time workers in this field.  They stress how there will be a need to support the arrangement.  This will definitely mean that after the initial start of this program, there will be radical changes that will be met with complaints about moving people or expecting larger monetary contributions.  They are telling elders that they will automatically fall in line and not be among the complainers.  


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I also noticed how many of the speakers on this video say outright that this new Kingdom Hall design will be a 'good' witness for the communities.  

    I'm sorry but hasn't WT been saying that for years...'that wherever and whenever a new Kingdom Hall has popped up it has always resulted in a good witness'!  And now they confess and admit that this current style of 'House of God' has deterred and turned new ones away not toward the 'Truth'.

    There is no amount of 'cosmetic surgery' that WT can do to attract new ones and increase growth.  As previous posters have stated....the improvement must come from within!  

    1.  Stop putting down higher education.

    2.  Stop molesting our children.

    3.  Stop the harsh and cruel disfellowshipping, disassociation and shunning practices.

    4.  Stop the misappropriation of donations of hard earned money from the rank and file.

    5.  Stop with the gay bashing.

    6.  Stop sacrificing/killing our members prematurely with your no-blood doctrine.

    7.  Stop....Stop....Stop!

  • BluesBrother
    Marking to return when I have time to view - Thanks
  • neverendingjourney

    I'm inclined to view this as a cash-grab, an effort to receive perpetual rents from the congregations and to construct buildings that are easier to sell (and reap the windfall of the free labor that was used to build them).

    If they are this hard-up for cash, when do they change their stance on college?  Better educated members generally leads to membership with higher salaries.  Better-paid members would in theory be in a position to contribute more.

    I'm not envisioning an LDS wholehearted embrace of higher education, but perhaps encouraging young ones to consider two-year degrees in trades and eliminating the stigma around bachelor degrees.

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    Oh noes!

    Shall I remove it? Only to re-mix it in a minor way and fall under "fair use"?

    Shall I pull it? Only to upload ALL the tv.jw.Borg videos?

    Shall I pull it? Only to replace it with a download link?

    Que dice el Publico??

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    Ooof. Is that your first copyright strike?

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