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  • Watchtower-Free

    Thanks for this.

    At the outset he says RECORDING is not permited. And yet here it is for us on the net................I guess secrecy is not accepted as ok by many Elders

  • DesirousOfChange

    At the outset he says RECORDING is not permitted. And yet here it is for us on the net

    The WTS HQ has more leaks than a submarine with a screen door.

    I had a copy of the "new" Elders Book before our Cong Elders.



  • pixel

    Thanks to wifibandit for making it happen because they make it dificult to download it. 

    The Watchtower/FDS/GB is the man behind the screen getting naked by the web. 

  • Dagney

    Fascinating.  From a corporation standpoint, the changes are smart for the building work.  I live in the LA area and not once have I hear there is a "critical" "acute" need for 131 KHs.  Yes there are some that service multilingual groups.  I don't see how the new design changes anything.

    • Create a need
    • Convince the flock of the relevance
    • Keep them going on the Noah model...thus bringing in the 120 years/2034 new date. 
    • Slick, impressive new plan and appearance.  The message of obey or die, shunning still loud and clear in the literature.
    • Lipstick.  Pig.

    Thanks for posting.  Really interesting.

    Edited to add...I think I need a drink.  

  • Finkelstein

    Sounds to me the WTS is telling little white lies to get its followers to give more money $$$ so that they can upgrade existing buildings and therefore make them more valuable in the real-estate market.

    I has to laugh when the speakers repetitively claimed Jehovah needs this and Jehovah did that, so to appease Jehovah we should do this, nothing but self supporting propaganda to achieve a completely different objective. 

    I don't buy the excuse of " We need more Kingdom Halls because of expansion of members" proclamation.


    Another aspect which may behind the modernization is the persuasiveness of business owners who are JWS and they know that if they can lock in as the WTS's selected companies to supply the raw materials for these buildings, that they would make themselves a secure tidy profit from that endeavor.


  • wifibandit

    They are not ready for the information age.  Mirrored copies of this are out "in the wild".  It can never be erased from the internet now. 


  • ToesUp
    Thanks to everyone that provided access to this video.  
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    OMG, omg..... Haven't read all comments or seen whole video, felt like was going to have anxiety attack listening to it, bastards.... 

    But omg.... the flawed logic, the tedious, tiresome explanations, their damned expounding on everything to the nth degree, their incessant nagging till you want to scream, GET TO THE POINT!!!! only 40 min in and trying not to scream to get to the point. 

    But! Around 40 minutes in, the speaker highlight the words DESIRE & POWER as he reads a scripture, then expound upon it some more... You can tell the speaker is very excited about this. As a female, I find this "brother" to be very used-car salesman-ish. He almost shouts out the word DESIRE (when reading the scripture) to get the roomful of men excited.  He then expounds about POWER, but saying that it is power from Jehovah. It is like hearing these words all decoded now.  

    It's like when I go into my husband's sacred temple... I mean, his garage, and I see things which are on his shelf... Lubricating oils, triple penetrating lube with powerful 3-way action.... I never before realized how interesting are many of the labels on these power tool things & their lubricants. 

    This is is an amazing video for a lowly sister like me to peek into... You see the subtle and not subtle boy's-only club vibe.... and omg. I will see if I can continue to watch this while being amazed and disgusted and repulsed and nauseated all at the same time. 

    Thank you so much for posting this....!

  • Listener

    Many of the speakers don't talk about the expansion of people, they just mention expansion of the building activity.

    Regarding the maintenance of the buildings, they are being very clever here.  They are going to have a detailed manual and provide training to ensure the congregations have a scheduled program of maintenance.  Rather than let the building run down to a stage that it requires a number of updating at the one time (and therefore would be considered a major renovation for which the Society would have to pay) they will, no doubt, require modifications at a certain point in time.  That might be repainting in Year 3, replacing carpets in Year 4, servicing electrical items in Year 2 and so on.  Doing it this way means that the Society will not fork out the money but expect the congregations to finance these.

    They are going to train the brothers in the congregations to carry out work such as Electrical and Plumbing.  I don't know about the US laws but here in Australia qualified and registered Tradesmen can only carry out these duties.

    I love the way that they give very little explanations as to why the commercial building type was more desirous than previous designs, yet they expect everyone to support the idea because the GB said so.  They even pretend that there was some sort of democratic process to decide on the design.

  • RichardHaley

    Here is a great little FREE video down-loader I use all the time.

    Have these disappearing videos on your own hard-drive for future reference.

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