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  • Blackfalcon98
    Oh my.....THANKS SO MUCH Wifibandit and PIxel! You guys are awesome!
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Joe Leopold LDC-Maintenance & Operations comments at 2:10 through 2:13 regarding those who wonder what makes JWs different:

    'What makes JWs different?  The cleaniness of a Kingdom Hall may be just what it takes to draw someone in.' 

    WT wants to draw airheads and dingbats to fill their Kingdom Hall seats!  They want newly interested ones who can simply be swayed by modern and clean looking Kingdom Halls.

    People with an intellectual capacity need not attend!

    Thank you wifibandit!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Warning!  Warning!  Warning!  GB Lett is high on the list of WT's worst public speakers!  

    Lett has the final 20 minute part on the program.....sooo boring!  I suggest y'all fast-forward him! 

  • under the radar
    under the radar
    Thank you so much for making this available.  I believe one reason the Society is so big about not recording particular meetings, especially judicial committee meetings, is to maintain deniability.  Their philosophy seems to be "if there's no proof, it didn't happen."
  • joe134cd
    Word on the street is they got $US43.2 million when they sold that bethel in New Zealand. 2 of the  3 couples of the full time staff that had been there for many years were put out on the street, with no assistance at all. Sort of seems a bit rude how they made obscene amounts of money and could of even helped those 2 couples.
  • clarity

    Only Elders are allowed to view the program.



    Laughing at this tonight.  Especially satisfying as a woman to give the wt the finger!

    Thanks for this pixel & wifibandit !  Nice going.


  • Pistoff

    I believe that the WT may be short of buildings in a few areas, but why?

    Their own policy.

    For years, Bethel's policy was to split congregations and have them share facilities and expenses; this seems to be the real reason the book study was thrown in the trash can, as it frees up one night's use of the building. (No, it wasn't to save fuel, or to make room for 'family worship night'. A meeting is worship, right?)

    So it is one thing to say that 'we no longer are willing to put up to 5 congregations into a single building, or that in metro areas where land is expensive and local brothers are poor due to low paying jobs, so we need to build some', but the way the video spins it is the driving factor is 'outstanding growth' and 'outstripping' our current facilities.

    What is missing in all of that talk about 'growth'? ANY discussion of actual growth rates, none that I noticed.

    Only the 'need for buildings', and ones that could be flipped overnight if they aren't paying their way, that is my prediction.

    Oh, and the old teams, they are out. New teams, our guys, their only full time job is to run around the country and build these boxes that look like banks, and by the way, we won't allow them to criticize the ugly, utilitarian look; no, we are their meal ticket, so if they criticize, they are back home the next day.

    And we will call the company men you interact with the LDC, for 'local design construction', a truly Orwellian name if ever there was one. Local congregations get no say in needing a hall, where it goes, what it looks like; their only choice is how much to send in each month, in perpetuity.

    Really, I shouldn't have expected any different; the WT never tells the truth about why they do what they do, this is no different.

  • konceptual99

    The letter to the BoE in the UK regarding the change to the RBC to the LDC is 100% clear.

    It says (I paraphrase) that having one meeting less a week means halls and assembly halls can be used more efficiently.  It says that they will be looking to bring some congregations that have their own hall into the same hall and selling the spare one.

    This letter should still be on the notice board in any UK hall.  It's still on ours.

  • Pistoff

    It says (I paraphrase) that having one meeting less a week means halls and assembly halls can be used more efficiently.

    Bingo. But when it was announced,  the letter mentioned high fuel prices, as if to say that they were interested in saving money for the brothers. (Ok for african brothers to ford rivers to get to meetings, but another $2 for fuel for the north american brothers, can't let it happen.)

    Or to give us more free time for family worship; that one came after a few months.

    They just like to lie all the time, to keep in practice I guess.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    When they say, "things are speeding up in Jehovah's organization", I think they mean "confidential information is spreading on the Internet faster than ever!"

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