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  • BluesBrother

    Whilst not wishing to divert from the discussion about copyright, I want to heartily thank Wifibandit for his work in putting this up . It is great to have the inside info. I am not surprised that they wanted to pull it because it does not show them in a good light.

    The whole thing made me think of a Corporation outlining its' strategy for expansion..think ,say Asda (Walmart in the USA) describing the plan for new supermarkets. The r & f publishers are little more than the customers who will go there out of brand loyalty . The elders are similar to the store managers who will run the places for the firm.

    Did you get the bit about being "willing to accept change"? and how elders must not say that it used to be better beforehand......That could be a line from the useless training courses that my old employers used to run - and we always knew that something bad was going to be introduced.

    I would ask "Why do the buildings have to be so pig-ugly?".....These boxy structures add nothing to the locality . There are sites around here where I could foresee  Councils demanding changes to make them blend in better . I guess they are designed to be built to a price

    Thanks again, even if the vid is taken down..we have seen it now 

  • cappytan

    wifibandit: Ever thought of sharing it via Google Drive or Dropbox? Both of those services have built in, embeddable players when you upload a video.

    Or is the file too big?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I'm sorry I didn't make the effort to download it from YouTube.  Unfortunately I put off learning how to do so.  (Us old dogs are not so tech savvy.) 

    I suspect most elders sitting through it bought into the sales pitch, but surely there are some there who have awakened or are beginning to awaken.  Anyone with doubts about the use of dedicated funds and the financial shenanigans going on in the Borg should see it.  It showed them for what they really are:  Big Business out for Big Profits.


  • wifibandit
  • cappytan
    wifibandit: these are webm format? No mp4? (Google Drive is giving me a 404 error in trying to download the webm file for some reason.) Dropbox download is working fine. ( is blocked at my workplace.)
  • wifibandit
  • ToesUp

    I watched as much as I could, then I decided to do something productive with my day. What I did see was a sales pitch. I fast forwarded it to the end when Lett was on. I needed a good laugh. What a freak!

    One question (sarcasm)....where was the question and answer segment that usually comes at the end of a sales pitch?  That's right...listen, obey and shut up! Oh yeah...give us all your money too! 

  • wifibandit

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