me and the deemunz

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  • katiekitten

    I was lucky to have been brought up in the troof, because if I hadnt, I wouldnt have known about the demons and how they are always looking for opportunities to lead us astray by appearing as ghosties, or by making household objects float, or by getting into our house through items bought from car boot sales.

    My first memories of the deemunz was quite early, say aged 5 or 6. I used to think they were at the end of the bed, and so I had to sleep with my legs curled up as tightly as possible, so they wouldnt get my toes. I cant even begin to think what terrible things they were going to do with my piggies, but sure as the apostles I wasnt going to give them a chance.

    Aged 7 or 8 I knew the deemunz were after me, because I was special. I was a Jehobas Witness. They were always talking about them at Kingdom Hall, and how they were after us. They lived in crosses and under beds. Drat. I slept in a bed. I peed it. I figured it would help. If the deemun was drenched in nightime pee it would maybe stick his wings together and slow him down so he couldnt get me.

    As I got older I sure was glad I was a Jehobas WItnoid, because I knew that praying out loud and saying Jehoobas name was the only way to keep the deemunz at bay. I wasnt sure how everyone else at school dealt with deemunz, because they didnt have my Jehooba charm to help them. It must have been a hell of levitating objects and cold breezes at their houses.

    When I was 17 I began dating a new convert who poineered. His dad had died when he was 33. His dad played with a ouija board. His dad was the antichrist and a white witch and was deemunized. One day he bought me round a school photo of his, because on there was a girl he was having a bible study with. He left the photo at my house and then went out on a bible study with my mum. I went to bed. Just as I was going to sleep the deemunz got hold of me round the throat. I felt hands trying to strangle me. I woke up. Immediately I knew the deemunz had got into my house through the photos How did I know? Well I prayed, and god told me. So I went downstairs and LO! on the back of the school photo was a picture of Pauls demunized dad. Well that explained it all!!

    I spent lots of years dreaming about trying to throw out a tape of Led Zeppelin and the tape would stick to my hands cos it was deemunized. Im my dream I would put my hand with the stuck tape in a doorway, and close the door and try and scrape the deemunized tape off my hand but couldnt get rid of it.

    Well I was scared of leaving the troof because I knew that my only protectiong was if I was able to call on Jeoobahs name. If couldnt do that it was inevitable that the deemunz would get me and maybe scare me to death by making a tape recording of Black Sabba float round my living room.

    when I got married I was so scared of the deemunz, if my husband worked away I was too scared to go to sleep at night. I used to put a quilt on the sofa downstairs. I put the telly on ,and the radio, and I would keep hold of my bible, and I would keep awake all night, cos I knew that the deemunz were waiting for that moment whan I was falling asleep. HA I got em. I never went to sleep.

    Odd thing is since I left the troof and started doing all the things the deemuz wanted me to do, they have never bothered me. They dont live at the end of my bed anymore. They dont pinch my toes. They havent gotten into my house through second hand objects like charity shop dresses and chip pans. And none of my CD's have levitated or stuck to my hands. I cant understand it.

  • Satanus
    since I left the troof and started doing all the things the deemuz wanted me to do, they have never bothered me.

    Well, there you go. Since by default, they have you now, they have moved on to another hapless dub kid or adult, harrassing them to also leave da troof. Or, maybe the wt just succeeded in scaring you like they do/did to thousands of other little kids. The imagination in kids (and adults) is a powerful thing.


  • acadian

    Hi KittyKat,

    Never had a deemun problem, but when yer as mean and ugly, and alittle nasty as I am they don't mess with you.


  • heathen

    Yah know, whether I studied or not the deemunz seem to be always in my life , so I can't say as many here on the board have said that they are free from those type of things . I think the WTBTS is the false prophet tho , through them joining the UN as an NGO using false signs and lies and such .It seems they were as cautious as doves and sneaky as snakes .I kinda really do look at the world as we are in a star wars type saga where there is a light and dark side of a force .I think the governments are in opposition to the light and that they have even researched the dark side and are capable of using forms of black magic or as I call voodoo to control and manipulate . I don't think belief in such things is luny ..........

  • diamondblue1974

    You and your witty prose..katiekitten....I didnt know whether to laugh or cry at your thread...but although I did chuckle to myself it is rather sad that we were all so frightened.

    Good post.


  • georgefoster

    Interesting post, katiekitten. It made me think a/b my jw wife and step-kids. My step-kids are pretty scared of the dark, and going upstairs or downstairs by themselves. Probably normal for 7 and 8 yr.olds. My step-son still pees the bed at 7 yrs old. Maybe he's too scared to get out and pee during the night. Who knows? My wife made the mistake one time of telling me that a demon had vibrated the door stop in my step-son's room. I dismissed it as the most ridiculous notion I'd ever heard. So, I'm sure the all believe the house is full of demons, but leave me out of it since I'm not a dub.

  • katiekitten

    Dont worry about your kids peeing the bed. I peed til I was about 10. It got real embarrasing cos whenenver I slept away I had to take a rubber bed sheet with me. My favourite aunty was Aunty Jacqui because she NEVER mentioned the rubber sheet, she just put it on the bed, no question. I love her still. I could eat Aunty Jaqcui. That is the singularly most kind understanding thing anyone has EVER done for me in 35 years.

  • georgefoster

    Were you a deep sleeper? I think that's my step-son's problem. They have some sort of pee-jacket that has an alarm on it that the dr. recommended. He manages to soak through the rubber pads and everything.

  • Elsewhere

    Shucks... the deemonz never bothered me, ever.

    What was I doing wrong???

  • skyman

    I to use to be scared like that. I knew they would get me if I was not good. I finally came to the knowledge that it was only me that made the demans real. So I laughed when I heard other witnesses telling me about the demon attacks they had and knew all of the attacks were only in their mind but as real to them as the attacks that I used to have. Believe me they were real to me untill I decided it was only in my mind. They were waking dreams the dreams you have whole you are still actively dreaming and almost awake. No more or no less than this. Slowly realizing the demons were only in mind coming in these types of dreams did I get control over them and they the demons dreams went away.

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