The best reasonable, rational, intelligent discussion on religion I've ever seen

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  • Viviane
    in the bible redeeming is taking back. when anyone has died a physical death, God redeems their soul.

    So your God created man, gave them something, and take it back when he is responsible for their painful death death and the pain and suffering he causes others. God is responsible for their deaths. That's not "redeeming". When you redeem something, get get something in exchange for what you are giving up. The people dead at the hand of your creator God get nothing back for their death. Their soul was collected in the most generous sense and stolen in the worst. They got nothing in exchange for dying painfully at god's hand.

    You still worship a blood soaked raging psychopath.

    I thought I had explained it. God imbued man with dignity when he was created. Then man fell. God recognizes man's dignity (in spite of his fall) and still acts to redeem him.

    Again, God knew all of that would happen if he is omniscient. He created man to fall, to die, to suffer, all so he would have something to sing his praises. Your blood soaked psychopath has severe emotional issues and is the root of all of the pain and suffering, quite the monster.

    Far from moral highground, god is the lowest of the worst sewer.

  • Twitch
    Twitch, take it easy, Bro!
    Tell us who you're directing the pointy end of the stick toward.
    I must say the original topic has engendered some wacky, waving, inflatable, arm-waving tubeman contortions!


    No worries, sir. I found it rather funny that those who also choose to argue the topic are pointing fingers and/or sticks, a "it takes two to tango" observation seemingly lost on all parties that usually ends with hate speech about other's beliefs. It certainly wasn't such approaches or attitudes that changed my worldviews, way back when. But perhaps I'm wrong in assuming that is the idea here. Whatever floats yer boat, as it were.

    A good OP video btw

  • cofty
    usually ends with hate speech about other's beliefs

    I do hate Islam with a passion.

    I don't want to get into semantics but "Theism" is simply the belief in a god not necessarily the belief in the Biblical/Quranic god. A Deist, which is one form of Theism, believes in a creator god but not the biblical god. You might want to exclude them from your hatred even though you don't believe in their worldview. _ Village Idiot

    Theism is belief in an immanent god. Deism is not theism - obviously!

    Michelle, like many xtians who are asked difficult questions - can't decide which she is.

  • sunny23

    Myelaine "yes God is all powerful, that doesn't mean He's going to or is even required to step in and avert natural disasters."

    Superman is very powerfull, that doesnt mean hes going to or is even required to step in to avert a city from being encased by lava, flooded, run down by gang violence, or stop a rape from occuring. However how would you judge Superman if he decided to not use his powers for good and instead sit back and watch and judge people from his high chair and offer eternal life to some after death? Does this still make him a good guy?

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