A jw snopes type web site?

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  • iggy_the_fish
    I also hated those ' I left a tract up a donkeys arse and the vet became a dub' ones.


    Don't you have marking to do or something, KatieKitten? Stop making me laugh, I'm trying to do some blinking work here.


  • what_Truth?

    Has anyone heard the legend about John Denver and Johnny Carson?

    The story goes, John Denver was about to perform on the Tonight Show. He steps to the microphone and asks all the Jehovah's Witnesses to stand up. He then says "I can't stand you guys. I'd like you all to leave now". Johnny Carson interjects and says "hold on a minute John. See that camera man over there? he's one of the best in the business and is a Jehovah's witness. The guitarist in the house band can play better than anyone I ever heard. He's also a Jehovah's Witness. Same goes for the lighting director. I think YOU'D better leave John".

    (This next one has come up at least once at every single DC I've been to. Often from visiting speakers)

    A man shows up for field service in a tattered jacket, dirty pants and a worn brief case. He reaches the first door, pulls out his dogged eared bible, and tells the householder, "Ma'am, a great disaster is about to hit the world" The woman looks him over and says "I think that disaster hit you first"

    Then there's the one about the homosexual admirer. An elder will read a letter that was sent to "one of our young brothers" from a gay admirer. The admirer invites the brother to his house for a "weekend of sin" while his parents are out of town. He explains that he deires the brother because he is "probably clean", promises noone will know, and compliments the brother for certain physical traits (the elder won't actually read these compliments out though).

    Who else has heard of these ones?

  • Voyager

    How about the one where the Rock Band goes to the Kingdom Hall (on drugs) and can actually (remember) the experience to the degree of (becoming) dubs!

    The story was either (made up) by the Watchtower writing staff, -- or--it is a real (admission) that in order to really (enjoy) the Kingdom Hall, you better be on drugs!



    Some months back three members of a rock ’n’ roll band in Sonora, California, called the "Yowls" walked into a Kingdom Hall. They had long hair, beards, saggy clothing and were under the influence of drugs. One of them writes regarding the experience:

    "Our first visit to a Kingdom Hall convinced us that this was a place where love was not just a word to use. There was real friendship shown and God’s Word was relied on. We agreed to have a Bible study, and shortly were keenly interested in sharing in the field ministry. However, we soon realized that our appearance was not correct or appropriate for ministers. So within just two weeks we cut our hair, shaved our beards and made a complete wardrobe change. My new course cost me my mother, who used to accompany me on ‘trips’ with drugs. But in her place I have many new ‘relatives’ to share my newfound joy.

  • Jourles

    To this day, I still have never seen that supposed episode of Carson/Denver. You would think an overzealous witness would find out a way to get a copy of that show.....if it exists.

  • Check_Your_Premises
    I left a tract up a donkeys arse and the vet became a dub' ones

    Ok, this response was reason alone for starting this thread.

  • rebel8
    He steps to the microphone and asks all the Jehovah's Witnesses to stand up. He then says "I can't stand you guys. I'd like you all to leave now".

    The way I heard it, he told at jws to stand up at a concert, then played the national anthem.

  • Check_Your_Premises

    I looked around the internet for the John Denver JW story. NOthing.

    Anybody else?

  • toladest

    My favorite are all the demon stories. LOTS of JW's have been attacked by demons. I heard a lot of "first hand" stories too. All they had to do was call out Jehovah's name and they went away! I always wondered if they were Jehovah's people that Jehovah loved so much why would he let the demons attack in the first place????

    I heard one where a "bethelite sister" went to see "Ghost Busters" after being counseled against it. She was in the theater and she decided mid way that she should leave, but the demons held her in the chair and made her watch the whole thing! Sounds to me like it was a good excuse not to leave. hehehe

    Another was of a women who was watching bewitched and the mother witch (can't remember her name) spoke directly to the "sister" so she got scared and tried to turn it off but the TV would not go off. She even unplugged it and it stayed on. I believe I heard that at a district convention.

    Funny I watch those types of shows all the time and have yet to have a problem. I bet there are some good "Harry Potter" and "Charmed" stories being passed around. Anybody heard any?

  • Dragonlady76

    I remember hearing the one on the sister being protected by angels during field service. ATM I thought wow Jehovah sent angels to protect the sister from the rapist!

    Now I look back and think, how inanely stupid that story was, I mean how is that one sister worthy of Jah's protection while so many other women get raped?


  • Lilycurly

    Funny....I remember hearing the one about AIDS at an assembly....but this version was about a young man sleeping with a random girl and he woke up with "Welcome to the AIDS club" written in red lipstick on his mirror.:P So that one has at least two versions...

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