Do those that shun us not love us?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    What conclusion do you come to from the quotes?

  • logansrun
    I knew you were going to being parent disciplining child up. There are non-abusive ways to discipline a child. Shunning is abusive. Abusing someone is always wrong.

    I agree. That's not the point of my thread. Someone can do wrong to someone else and still love them.

    I guess beating a child to the point of hospitalization is love in your world-view as well.

    No, nor is shunning loving. Again, my point is that just because someone shuns -- or beats -- another does not mean that they do not have any love inside them for the object of their punishment. Beating someone to the point of hospitalization and shunning are two very, very different things, I might add.

    Second, it's not comparing apples and oranges to being. It's called reducto absurdium (spelling) -- reduction to the absurd. It's useful for showing fallacies in a line of reasoning.

    The use of a reductio ad absurdum is useful only to the extent that it is a correct analogy and is realistic. Your analogy (so-called protecting child molesters is the same as shunning out of misplaced love) is an incorrect analogy since any "protection" of the molesters is for the sake of the organization, whereas shunning is, ostensibly, for the benefit of the shunnee. (I don't believe that it is proper to really say the organization "protects" molesters, only that in certain instances they are more concerned about organizational reputation than any possible future act of molestation).


  • outoftheorg

    Any way you want to dance around it, the over concern about the organizations reputation and their lack of concern about protecting children from pedophiles and their refusal to activly work with the authorities ends up protecting the pedophile and keeping them in position to abuse again and again.

    Their nonsense ends up protecting pedophiles.


  • jeanniebeanz
    It reminds me of that saying you always here battered women say- "He loves me.... in his own way".


    Someone can do wrong to someone else and still love them.

    Yup, sounds like the same reasoning to me...


  • silentWatcher

    Hi Logan,

    Correct. Shunning is to bring someone to their senses. Shunning is also done to "keep the congregation clean," as per 1 cor. 15:33. I'm sure Barabara Anderson and Bill Bowen are being shunned out of love right now.

  • garybuss

    What conclusion do you come to from the quotes?

    The Witness people hate me as their behavior reflects and the quotes support. Love is not in the salad they are serving up to me. :-)

  • stillajwexelder

    Of course the official WTBTS version is that shunning is an act of love as it shocks one to their senses so they come back to Jehoober

  • silentWatcher


    Actually you have a good point, but I'll take it one step further. JWs are like other "tight communitites" (Amish, Mormons, etc) in that they feel "brothers and sisters" are simply better people and can do no wrong. Protecting the organization might be on the minds of the higher ups (COs, DOs, Bethel legal, etc) but at the "joe publisher" level, there is a "take care of our own" mentality.

    For example, Witnesses are notorious for giving business only to other Witness-owned businesses. They have this idea that "brothers are better," even as they are getting fleeced. So, yeah, at the grass roots level, I think its fair to say that molesters ARE protected by the organization.

  • jeanniebeanz

    shunning is an act of love

    LOL... WTS: Don't pee in my hair and tell me it's raining...


  • stillajwexelder

    You might laugh - I do not - it is very serious and how they view it - that is the mentality - it is sick - how they truly believe that inflicting so much pain is an act of love

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