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  • Narkissos

    Our (I mean, Western, perhaps especially European) cowardice before death is a big problem I guess. Real death continually hidden from our sight becomes abstract, fantastic, metaphysical, when actual death is oh! so simple.

    The actuality of death, the basic possibility (more basic than any "right") of choosing it anytime, and, yes, of giving it when needed, might be the beginning of any freedom if you think of it: I am here because I choose to be here.

  • Terry

    Why ask this question?

    Because, the recent furor over the death of the lady whose plug was pulled demonstrated how emotional people are; yet, illogical.

    I wanted to tap in to the wildly varying opinions and reasons attached to this subject.

    We have the technology to enable people to avoid physical suffering at the point of death which would make it much more humane. However, since people do not think rationally at all about death; this never seems to happen.

    I watched two people in my family suffer outrageous pain from cancer for nothing but the whim of the doctors. My mother and my grandfather pleaded to be allowed to die with dignity and they were refused.

    If our life does not belong to us; then it is not OUR life. If there is no freedom of choice in a Free Country; there is a travesty.

    People don't seem to have the personal courage to look at death for what it is: inevitible and nasty. We can't do anything much about the inevitible part; but, we can certainly address the "nasty".

    The quality of mercy is sadly lacking because of religious confusion. Life doesn't mean a damned thing per se. It is the nature and quality of that life TO THE PERSON themselves that matters. By confusing this issue and keeping it abstract (life is life is life..is sacred) anything goes.

    My life is mine! My autonomy is what makes me a person. If I cannot have the freedom to decide about what is mine---I cannot be said to be free or a person.

    How can so many people be led astray?


  • LittleToe

    Having just lost a very dear Christian friend, today, this subject is very close to home.

    I've known for over two weeks that he was going to die, and he did too (don't ask me how - I don't want to talk about it just yet).
    A week and a half ago he was admitted into hospital, where he was taken excellent care of, but in a reasonable amount of pain. He passed this afternoon.

  • Balsam

    If I was facing a long an painful death I would gladly take the alternative with a quick and nice ending was needed. I think the are merciful to animals who are suffering. But we are cruel to human who die long and lingering deaths. I am all for Dr. Kavorican methods. Morphine is a nice ending too.

    I am against healthy people using suicide though because mental and emotional world is out of kilter.


  • Eyebrow2

    Hmmm....if my husband were already dead, I would rather eat myself to death with chocolate.

    If he were alive, I would tell him to take care of it himself hahah.

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