WOULD YOU........................?

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  • Terry

    Here is a serious question for you to contemplate and answer.

    If, near the natural end of your present life you could receive a drug that induced within your brain a state of mind most closely resembling one long orgasmic "experience" (but, which would prove fatal within 24 hours) WOULD YOU.........?

    1.Refuse and accept whatever pain or misery naturally happened according to chance.

    2.Accept and go out with a cosmic virtual "bang"?

    Of course, tell us why you have chosen the way you have chosen.


    Would you like to carry such a drug in your pocket at all times in case of an accident or emergency depression so that you could "check out" at will with a giant smile?


  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Have you ever used acid Terry?

  • Bas

    I would just go for the heavy dose of morphine when it's needed, and have the doctors let me die when there's no point in suffering anymore.

    So I would not take this drug that I have never heard of and I wouldn't carry it in my pocket either.

  • Lehaa

    You're obviously not bipolar.

    I've had that a few times, and it's as scary as all hell.

    Hate it, you know that your're loosing control and have no idea how far it will go.

    Mind you if you die, then you wouldnt have to deal with the earth shattering crash, and the consequences of the high.

  • Crumpet


    interesting question - auto erotic self asphixiation can kill you but has the orgasmic effect you describe. So maybe Michael Hutchence (INXS) chose this option.

    I would probably chose to go this way (drowning can have a similar sensation, I believe, from my experiments) rather than antiquitous old age.

    What would you choose?


  • GentlyFeral

    I dunno, Terry - if I was on my deathbed I'm not sure I'd be up for an orgasm. Those things take energy. Much better someone should feed me a dose of cannabutter.

    If you're not talking about easing one's last hours, but seizing control of one's own death - I'd only consider it if I was in constant pain. And then - maybe just cessation of pain might be enough for me.

    gently feral

  • ballistic

    Terry, it isn't entirely clear from your post whether you mean a drug that will make death pleasent and quick, or long lasting and a thrill. I think one is sick and the other very tempting.

  • Preston


    Your world-view is darker than a Stanley Kubrick film.

    - Preston

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Terry I choose: 1.Refuse and accept whatever pain or misery naturally happened (But, according to God) I'm not afraid of reality. For me, to take drugs to feel good, is like lying to your self (in this case about death) It never ceases to amaze me how much people like to practice self-deception. D Dog

  • Terry

    When anesthetic was first developed the religious community would not permit women to use it to ease the pain of childbirth because it was their lot in life to SUFFER when bringing a child into the world.

    Drugs are no more natural or unnatural than wearing shoes and underwear. You weren't born with either.

    I think all of us should have the legal permissions in place to take charge of ourselves when a lingering and painful death intrudes.

    The way things are currently you put a suffering animal and a condemned criminal out of their misery but are required to witness a slow and lingering death by wasting disease on your mother or father.

    Sick world and crazy logic.


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