Were You a Little Prude JW?

by minimus 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • prophecor
    Here we go again with the downlow!

    Min I'm not as lowdown as I may lead you to believe

  • prophecor
  • Sassy

    No.. I wasn't a prude.. far from it actually

  • minimus

    Not "lowdown".

  • Gretchen956

    I think I was a prude. I never inflicted it on anyone but myself and my son, but I truly did not listen to music if it was "immoral" hell I was changing the channel all the time! I was raised to think my body parts were shameful, that took me YEARS of practice to overcome!

    But even so, I always managed to get into trouble with those JCs. Kissed a guy one time in a car PACKED with people (must have been about eight or nine of us in that car at the time, and got called into a JC for it. Well and other things at other times of which I won't go into purient details, the point is THEY (the elders) thought I was a flaming jezabel whore. Even though by our standards now they were SO vanilla and innocent!

    I still think its because I always looked those elders smack in the eye. Isn't that proof positive that as a woman you don't know your place? Stands to reason if you don't know your place you'll hop into bed with anyone!

    To this day I am very monogamous. Is that prudish?


  • nilfun
    I used to turn off the radio in my car when it would play "Afternoon Delight"

    This comment is pure gold. ( i was just singing this song in the car the other day, LoL)

  • Sassy

    wow.. a kiss in a car w/ all those witnesses............how wicked Gretchen!

    everytime I got hauled in it was for immorality .. don't ya love that term? imorality! 1st time it was for just laying with a brother in his bed w/o our CLOTHES on.. kissing of course.. but nothing more..

    but.. I moved on from there.. the last time it was for having a threesome.. didn't even get dfd.. go figure.... I guess I did become immoral..

    but hey.. no one ever called me a prude..

  • Finally-Free

    I like prudes. Shocking them is great entertainment.


  • BU2B

    Nope! I have always enjoyed nudism and try to get to the Clothing optional beach in toronto once or twice a year. I was that way even when mentally in :)

  • DesirousOfChange

    I have always enjoyed nudism and try to get to the Clothing optional beach in toronto once or twice a year.

    Clothing Optional? In Toronto?

    You naughty Canadians!


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