Cyber Relationships / Cyber Sex

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  • JW83

    Lehaa, take care of your heart, matey ...

  • JW83

    btw, who is it?!

  • Terry

    It takes years of living to know who you are.

    Once you know it is another task to be comfortable inside your own skin.

    But, if you get past all that you have the task of articulating in your voice what is important in your life and that lying there in black in white on paper for another to sniff at and possibly reject entirely.

    The temptation to present yourself as something other than what you are has never been there for me. Why? Because I keep thinking what I am might really be something special. But, it must be picked up and recognized.

    The important thing is never to act out of need. It is akin to shopping when you are hungry. You buy all the wrong things.

    Give and take....give and take....gently downstream into the waves and across the ripples of life do we flow. Now and then we collide. Is it a moment or a lifetime in that collision?

    We open our eyes; but do we see? Can we be seen?

    Finding anyone is a miracle as large as life itself.

    Never lose your sense of wonder and the simple joy of being discovered.


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