How do you amuse yourself during the daily commute?

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  • Crumpet

    I commute to and from work between 2 and 4 hours every day. Does anyone else commute and what do you do to pass the time? How long do you travel for? Are there parts that you enjoy?


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I commuted to Liverpool Street for a while.It took an hour and a quarter there and the same back...usually anyway!

    There was nothing that made that hellish journey enjoyable.Im anti-social in the Morning so didnt want to talk to anyone,all i could do was read the Paper and pray the person next to me used right guard.

    On the plus side,if the Trains ran late Tuesday or Thursdays i could skive the Meetings!

  • Abaddon

    I commute by car, 45 minutes each way.

    I firmly believe in the uniqueness and wonder of every single human being, yet every time I get into a car they ALL turn into morons, so I amuse myself with a running commentary on other drivers moronitude. Very stress releaving.

    Also, yelling along with the CD-de-jour.

    But 2-4 hours? Ugh, you poor woman!

  • LittleToe

    I have a horrendous commmute of five minutes each way
    I pass the time by concentrating on demisting the windows.

  • Crumpet

    Well its two and a half on a good day - the trip to work involves a 2 or 3 mile walk in two sections and 2 to 3 trains - same on the way back.

    The walk is my favourite part - over a gorgeous green in our village peppered with old chesnut trees and sometimes deer grazing right by the path. The rest on the filthy British trains is grim and horrible. But I do get to read loads and that is my journey's sinmgular most redeeming feature!

    crumpet x

  • bem

    I used to drive 45 minutes one way, so an hour and half a day. I usually listened to Books on CD or cassette tape. got to hear books read to me. I enjoyed that.

    Now 5 minutes tops one way. so I'm still aggravated with my seat belt, and haven't settled in by the time I get home.

  • purplesofa

    My commute is about 30/45 mins ..........but I drive all day as my job. I can amuse myself by being pissed off at how everyone else drives and of course, I am perfect, so by the time I get to work I got a really big head.

    I listen to various radio stations all day. A show in the am......two guys doing odd news from around the world is hilarious and then they do ........Do we give a rats ass......other odd things ..usually about celebrities......

    then music, music, music all day and I sing....and if its a song i really like seems the faster I drive.

    I can see up to 10 accidents a day.....and sometimes I am almost in one. Thats not very amusing.


  • ShadowX

    Don't commute that often but when I do I like to think about ... none of your business

  • Dismembered

    I commute from my couch to the refrigerator and back.


    "Don't you go dyin' on me now"

  • rebel8

    Honestly? I talk to myself!

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