Do you always think the worst

by Satanus 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Country_Woman

    I am a bit naive I think: "the worst" often have to tell me before I see it....

  • ozziepost

    Nah, I don't think the worst, I know the worst!

    It's called the WTS.

  • LittleToe

    Hope for the best, aware of the worst, live life to the full, fit to burst.

    LT, of the "Optimist" class

  • Crumpet

    Only of my boyfriend and other Scottish men!

  • bem

    I am one of those annoying folks that always see's the bright side of everyone, I assume everyone has good to be found, I'm getting over this notion some.

    I also expect the best in most situations, I'm Optimistic. and been accused of being a Pollyanna.

  • cyborgVision

    Used to as JW, took long time to shake it off

    not anymore

  • LittleToe

    What a shame.
    That kind of bias can be debilitating

  • Country_Woman

    Thanks to the fact I know I am naive, I take precautions, like never lent some money out without considering the possibility that I don't get it back and I don't make decisions without investigations.

    In daily (past) life, I often get disappointed by trusting people who I should not have to - that's emotional damage and I can cope with that - cant effort economical damage, so I am careful..


    My father has been a cop for several years, he told me (and my brothers and sister)

    Make sure people can trust you, be trusty, but don't trust anybody on his word.... (and that includes fancy Christian names, cos there were several times names were given to him (as a cop) like "Jacqueline" when the girl in reality was named Jacomijntje - one of my inlaws for instance. She detested that name - thought is was to countryfied - but I like it)

  • Crumpet


    That kind of bias can be debilitating

    on the contrary I find sparring with scots men exhilarating. and generally rewarding! Besides I am just trying to even out the bias that there is FOR Scots men on this board. x

  • love2Bworldly

    I am trying to get over the mentality of thinking the worst of people. The jdubs teach you that anyone not a JW is evil and to be avoided, except of course when trying to convert people. Now I find that there are a lot of truly awsome people in this world--not including hoba's people, but do include you wonderful apostates and people in 'Babylon the Great'. They are greaaaaaaaat! Sorry I couldn't resist adding that.

    I really appreciated reading Paul Blizzard's story in his website, Watch the Tower. When his daughter was in the hospital and the court system forced a blood transfusion on her, the JW elders made comments like "I hope she gets AIDS" and he was in big trouble for not kidnapping her out of the hospital. His neighbors from other religions, brought food and emotional support to him and his family at that time when the JW's were shunning them. The local news made an unfavorable news story about it. It really shows who has the true Christ-like attitude toward others, it ain't the JWs.

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