I heard the apostafests/ meetups get pretty wild...

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  • iiz2cool

    I've been to a couple of apostafests. They're a lot of fun, but I wouldn't call them "wild". Just the usual, everyday fun, like drunken brawling, BBQ-ing blood sausages, and group sex on the front lawn.

    No big deal.


  • upside/down

    What's the "apostafest" in Vegas... nobody told me!

    I must not be in the right "clique". Damn first the Dubs shun me... then my "friends" at JWD shun me...

    I feel so left out...

    u/d (of the hasn't been to a good party in 20 years class)

  • love11

    My favorite kind of get together are those kinds. hubert. Coffee house, book store, winery, steak house, sounds good...

  • JH

    I went to two meet ups in Montreal, and we had dinner together, and it was very civilized and friendly.

  • cruzanheart

    love11, I used to live in St. Croix, but live in Dallas now -- I guess on my profile it's just wishful thinking!


  • love11

    nina- oh I was so envious! I love the beach, so the thought of living on a island gives me goosebumps!

    By the way... what about the Vegas one? I've been to Vegas before but I didn't think it was that fun. I was pregnant at the time and my only enjoyment was hitting all the buffet's. I'm sure next time I go I would have fun.

  • jeanniebeanz
  • orangefatcat

    I have been to one apostofest in Toronto. If I remember Peter Stride organized it. Any way we had a great time. We met up for coffee first and then headed up to a nice resturant down town Toronto. We partied on the roof as one person brought his young son and we couldn't eat at the bars dinning room so at least they let us upstairs on the roof. There were quite a few of us and included was Zev, Gwenn, F Toth, Beans, Quotes, PeterStride,Joy, Mouthy and her friend Barb, Anne and her husband, Nabilas,. What was so cool was that Zev and Gwenn drove all the way up from Rhode Is. They were a hoot. Our apostofest was great.

    I am hoping someone will have an apostofest soon in the Toronto area. After I move and am settled into our new apartment I would love to have a few come to my home. I think it would be a riot. I am not rowdy, but I really love good friends and good food and cold beer. and the great big grins on everyones faces. We talked about our pasts and our goals and just had one great time.

    I would love to go to Dallas Nina's place, but it is a long trip for just myself and I still am not up to par. But my heart and stomach will be at your apostoboil, crawdads.

    Don't worry about it love 11, just be yourself and enjoy.....

    love Orangefatcat....

  • cruzanheart

    I wonder if crawfish can be Fed Ex'd?


  • orangefatcat

    even if you sent it Fed EX none of you will come that way>

    Cool man cool!! Let the good times roll.

    Love Orangefatcat.

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