Who's your favorite JW celebrity???

by Donkey Lipz 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brummie
    When was that? Sounds interesting.

    Mid 80s, about 85ish? I was there in the meeting while we were going through the article. Every JW would heard it back then. It also mentioned that he had put the little statement at the end of the thriller video that mentioned his "religious" beliefs"

  • bavman

    most might not think of him as a celeb but i always did cuz i was always a milwaukee bucks fan.......DAVE MEYERS!!!

  • what_Truth?

    Larry Grahm cuz he kicked ass in Sly and the Family Stone.

    K-OS because he is one of the few Canadian rappers worth listening to

  • Eyebrow2

    was wacko jacko ever baptised?

    Prince is a cool dude...I wonder if HE is baptised? he seems a little tamer...but he still performs some questionable songs, and dress beyond metrosexual...if anyone should get reproved it is him, hahahah

    The williams sisters...are they really JWs or just dubs when it is convenient? They have accomplished a lot those two.

  • Cygnus

    The Williams sisters have a book coming out as well as a reality TV show. Wonder how honest try'll be about their affiliation with JWs.

    I have two favorite JW celebrities, Lou Whitaker cause I heard he was a complete asshole in the dugout and in team functions, and Sam Perkins because he could hit a 20 footer with a hand in his face. Otherwise damn the rest of them.

  • Eyebrow2

    A reality show for the sisters? woah...hmmm interesting...interesting...I wonder if they would let cameras in the KH?: hahah

  • under74

    oooh...hard to decide. I have a few...

    Larry Graham
    George Benson
    Teresa Graves
    Lester Bangs
    Ja Rule (don't like his music but the some of what he's said about being raised a JW is interesting)

  • under74

    Oh wait--do they have to be alive or a JW now?

  • mamochan13

    K-os. But I don't think he really qualifies - he was raised a JW, but I've read that he left while a teenager to explore eastern religions, plus his father opposed him getting into the music biz...

  • zaphod

    are there any celeb exdubs that have publicised their views?


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